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(Testimony of Patrick Trevore Dean Resumed)

Mr. Hubert.
Rankin, general counsel for the Commission's staff to take your deposition under oath also. In other words, both Mr. Griffin and I have been so authorized, and I think he advised you of the general conditions and the right of notice and waiver and so forth?
Mr. Dean.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
So that as far as I am concerned, I will just ask you if you have anything to add to your deposition or anything to say at all in any way?
Mr. Dean.
I told Mr. Griffin on that date that I would bring him additional information that he wanted. One was a record of the telephone call received on the 24th. Now, that would make your interview on the 25th, actually, I believe. Now, no, no; that's right. The morning, early morning hours of the 24th is when I received this call from Victoria, Canada.
That is a record of it from the city hall operator. That was pertaining to the film from the fellow in Alaska--or--correction, in Canada that he said he would----
Mr. Macmasters.
Do you want to identify this?
Mr. Hubert.
You have handed me two documents and I judge that one of them is a photostatic copy of a front of a document, and the other is a photostatic copy of the rear of that document?
Mr. Dean.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
Well; I am going to mark them for identification as follows: "Dallas, Tex., April 1, 1964. Exhibit--" We'll use number--5136, continuation of deposition of Sgt. P. T. Dean." And I am signing my name for the purposes of identification and I am signing the second document which you state is a photostatic copy of the back of the document now identified as Exhibit 5136, as follows: "Dallas, Tex. April 1, 1964. Exhibit 5136-A, continuation of Deposition of P. T. Dean." Signing my name on the back of this, and for the purposes of identification and to show that we are both talking about the same document, would you mind putting your name below mine?
Mr. Dean.
All right, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
Now, will you identify what these two documents were? Perhaps we'd better do it again, in the light of their identification numbers, so, let me ask you what are the documents that have now been marked for identification as 5136 and 5136-A?
Mr. Dean.
A record of the city hall's operator receiving a call from Victoria, Canada, on that date of March 24, about 4 o'clock in the morning and at that time I talked to--I believe it is Jack Simpson, or it is Ralph Simpson, and he stated that he had a reel of movie film that he had taken of the assassination and the trajectory of the line of fire which was on the far side of the plaza, which would be on the south side of Commerce Street. Mr. Simpson told me on the phone that he believed he had gotten not only the assassination, but also the building from where the bullet was fired. But I advised him--he wanted to know what to do with this film, and I advised him to send it to the Warren Commission in Washington, and he said that he had talked to his attorney and the attorney, Batter [phonetic] in Victoria, I didn't get the first name, his attorney had advised him to contact someone in Dallas and to send them to whatever place they said other than to the Warren Commission. He then asked me could he send them to me and I told him that he could. I checked with my office then just before coming over here today and the film hadn't come in.
Mr. Hubert.
Did he say he was going to send them by mail?
Mr. Dean.
Yes; he said he would airmail them the next day.
Mr. Hubert.
Did he indicate why he had called you, or just that you were on duty?
Mr. Dean.
Just on the advice of his attorney.
Mr. Hubert.
But, I mean, your particular name?
Mr. Dean.
No; he didn't ask for me particularly. However, he said that he recognized my name from reading of my testimony in the papers.
Mr. Hubert.
In other words, he made the call, he was calling specifically to you. You happened to be on duty, and therefore, the call came to you ?
Mr. Dean.
That's right, and that is the record of the call received. That is what Mr. Griffin wanted.
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