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(Testimony of Sgt. A. Putnam James)

Mr. Hubert.
Sergeant PUTNAM. We didn't even stop the car. It would be very few seconds.
Mr. Hubert.
No stop at all?

Sergeant PUTNAM. Just a--to prevent from hitting a pedestrian walking on the sidewalk. Now, there wasn't one walking, but to take a quick glance like you would do approaching a sidewalk, the car was slowed, and immediately----at this time everything happened at once. He slowed the car, Vaughn walked and glanced and waved us on. He accelerated and we went on to Main Street.
Mr. Hubert.
Did you turn your head to the right when you got to the sidewalk?
Sergeant PUTNAM. Yes, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
Did you see anybody?
Sergeant PUTNAM. No, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
Was not a soul?
Sergeant PUTNAM. Didn't see anyone in sight in--except Officer Vaughn and the persons that I say were on the left.
Mr. Hubert.
In other words, there was nobody coming up Main Street towards Harwood ?
Sergeant PUTNAM. I can't say that there was not. I can say that I didn't see them.
Mr. Hubert.
That is all you can do, of course.
Sergeant PUTNAM. Yes.
Mr. Hubert.
And there was no one standing there that you saw ?
Sergeant PUTNAM. No, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
Specifically, now, the man that you later knew to be Jack Ruby, you did not see either walking up, or standing by on the Pearl Street side of Main Street exit?
Sergeant. PUTNAM. No, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
Did you look at the people on the left side?
Sergeant PUTNAM. I only glanced. I just--
Mr. Hubert.
Can you identify anybody?
Sergeant PUTNAM. Not a person.
Mr. Hubert.
Can you specifically say that Ruby was not there?
Sergeant PUTNAM. No, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
All you can say is, I take it then, the man you have since learned to be Ruby was--you didn't see him? Sergeant PUTNAM. No, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
If he was there, you didn't see him?
Sergeant PUTNAM. I didn't see him.
Mr. Hubert.
Can you go as far as to say, turning again to your right-hand side, that there was nobody on your right- hand side at all?
Sergeant PUTNAM. I can say that there was no one in the immediate vicinity within, I would say--well, it was apparent that--15 feet away from me I saw a group of people standing, and to the right
Mr. Hubert.
On the
Sergeant PUTNAM. To the left, and to the right I saw no one in the immediate vicinity of us.
Mr. Hubert.
That is immediately upon coming out?
Sergeant PUTNAM. That's right.
Mr. Hubert.
Did you see the person who has subsequently .been identified as Jack Ruby among the reporters that he pushed through?
Sergeant PUTNAM. No, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
Did you see any such person come down the ramp as you were going up the ramp?
Sergeant PUTNAM. No, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
How far down Main Street to Pearl do you think you can see ?
Sergeant PUTNAM. Well, it is a clear view to Pearl Street, but my attention would not have been directed by someone half a block away. It would have made no impression.
Mr. Hubert.
But, your thought is that there was nobody at least as far as a half a block away ?
Sergeant PUTNAM. That's my belief.
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