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(Testimony of John Edward Pic Resumed)

Mr. Jenner.
or over, above, your initial somewhere around the correction so we know it is you who did it, and return it to us as promptly as possible.
It may be that the Secret Service will bring it out, but it will be delivered to you next week.
All right.


Edward John Pic, Jr.

Affidavit of Edward John , Jr. Pic

The following affidavit was executed by Edward John Pic, Jr., on June 16, 1964.

Parish of Orleans, ss:
Edward John Pic, Jr., 6 Jay Street, New Orleans, La., being duly sworn says:
1. I am the same Edward John Pic, Jr., who was deposed by Albert E. Jenner, Jr., member of the legal staff of the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, on April 7, 1964. When Marguerite Claverie Pic and I separated after we had lived together a year, we resided in a house on Genois Street, south of Canal Street, in New Orleans. This was a rented house. The rent was either $28 or $30 per month. At no time prior to our separation did Marguerite work. During all of that period she was a housewife.
2. I neither refused nor failed to support her either during or after our marriage. There were personality and incompatibility difficulties between us commencing at an early stage of our marriage. We just couldn't get along, things kept getting worse and worse. Marguerite was aware of my earning capacity at the time we married. There-were difficulties between us respecting money and household financial management, but this was only one of the sources of the difficulties. My financial situation did not worsen after our marriage.
3. Marquerite's pregnancy with my son John Edward Pic was not the cause of our separation. I had no objection to children. It was a coincidence that about that time we had reached the point that we could not make a go with each other any more. Our separation which was amicable and which was arranged through an attorney would have taken place irrespective of Marguerite's pregnancy with my son John Edward Pic.
4. As I testified in my deposition, Marguerite was a nice girl. I haven't anything whatsoever adverse to say against her, it is just that we couldn't get along. Our dispositions would not jell. I do not mean to imply that the fault; if any, lay with either of us. We just didn't get along.
5. My distinct recollection is that I had no difficulty maintaining the household and supporting my family though there was some difference between Marguerite and me as to the manner, style and the level on which our household should be maintained.
Signed the 16th day of June 1964.
( S ) Edward John Pic, Jr.,


Kerry Wendell Thornley

Testimony of Kerry Wendell Thornley

The testimony of Kerry Wendell Thornley was taken at 9:40 a.m., on May 18, 1964, at 200 Maryland Avenue NE., Washington, D.C., by Messrs. John Ely and Albert E. Jenner, Jr., assistant counsel of the President's Commission.
Mr. Jenner.
Mr. Thornley, in the deposition you are about to give, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
Mr. Thornley.
I do.
Mr. Jenner.
You are Kerry Wendell Thornley, spelled K-e-r-r-y W-e-n-d-e-l-1 T-h-o-r-n-l-e-y?
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