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(Testimony of Evaristo Rodriguez)

Mr. Liebeler.
with the X in "Bringuier Exhibit No. 1" is the man who was in the bar and who he identifies as Lee Harvey Oswald more than he is about the man shown in "Garner Exhibit No. 1."'
Do you have any question that that man was in your bar, referring to the man portrayed in "Garner Exhibit No. 1?"
Mr. Rodriguez.
As far as this "Exhibit No. 1," a man appears to be Oswald as I recognize him from newspaper pictures of Oswald.
Mr. Liebeler.
Referring to "Garner Exhibit No. 1." But the man in "Bringuier Exhibit No. 1" looks more like the man who was in the bar?
Mr. Rodriguez.
The man in "Bringuier Exhibit No. 1" I have identified as the man who I learned later was Oswald.
Mr. Liebeler.
[handing picture to witness]. I show you a picture which has been marked "Pizzo Exhibit No. 453-C," and ask you if that looks like the man who was in the bar.
Mr. Rodriguez.
This appears to me that this is the man. It looks somewhat like the man that was in the bar with Oswald, but--
Mr. Liebeler.
Like the man that was in the bar with Oswald?
Mr. Rodriguez.
Mr. Liebeler.
That's what he said?
Mr. Logan.
Now he says no. He says that this--how do you want to call it?
Mr. Liebeler.
"Pizzo Exhibit NO. 453-C."
Mr. Logan.
"Pizzo Exhibit No. 453-C" does not appear like the man in bar. The other man was more of a Latin-appearing man.
Mr. Liebeler.
Well, now, have you ever seen this man, set forth in "Pizzo Exhibit No. 453-C," in the bar at all; at any time?
Mr. Liebeler.
What is he saying?
Mr. Logan.
He is saying that this reminds him of Oswald 'because of these the eye part here [indicating], the sagging eyes, like, you know--I don't know how you want to say that--like he has puffy eyelids.
Mr. Liebeler.
He has an area around the eyes--
Mr. Logan.
That reminds him of Oswald.
Mr. Liebeler.
Does he identify this man as Oswald?
Mr. Logan.
He says that the man in this exhibit appears to him to be Oswald, but, of course, he says it has been a long time since he saw him and he is not ready to be positive on that. That's as close as you can come to it, I guess.
Mr. Liebeler.
You are not sure that this was the man that was in the bar?
Mr. Logan.
Now he says it is him.
Mr. Liebeler.
It is or isn't?
Mr. Logan.
In his mind, "Bringuier Exhibit No. 1" which has the man with the X on him is the man who was in the bar and who he later learned was Oswald. This picture stands out in his mind the best, reminds him of the man the best; this one--
Mr. Liebeler.
"'Pizzo Exhibit No. 453-C."
Mr. Logan.
Appears to him to be Oswald, but he still says that the other photograph is the one that he can best identify him as the man who was in the bar. What we have got going here is the fact that this looks like Oswald, but he is---probably since the other photograph reminds him distinctly of the fact that that was the man that was in the bar, he is a little reluctant to say that.
Mr. Liebeler.
All right. Thank you very much.


Orest Pena

Testimony of Orest Pena

The testimony of Orest Pena was taken on July 21, 1964, at the Old Civil Courts Building, Royal and Conti Streets, New Orleans, La., by Mr. Wesley J. Liebeler, assistant counsel of the President's Commission.

Orest Pena, having first been duly sworn, was examined and testified as follows:

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