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(Testimony of Aubrey Lewis Lee)

Mr. Hubert.
Did he say he didn't drive?
Mr. Lewis.
He didn't make comment. He said he didn't have any license.
Mr. Hubert.
You think it was about a half hour after the first episode that he returned with the other identification?
Mr. Lewis.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
Was the Latin American looking person with him on both occasions?
Mr. Lewis.
Both occasions; yes.
Mr. Hubert.
All right, sir, have you anything to add?
Mr. Lewis.
No, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
I think you made reference to the fact that the check from the Western Union, which was the subject of this whole episode, had been purchased by someone and payable to the payee involved at the Cotton Exchange branch?
Mr. Lewis.
Cotton Exchange branch.
Mr. Hubert.
Is that in Dallas?
Mr. Lewis.
Yes, sir; it is in the Cotton Exchange Building. I think it is on North Ervay.*
Mr. Hubert.
All right, sir, I ask you whether you concur with me that since I have met you today, which was the first time we ever met, there has been no conversation between us other than that which has been covered in. the deposition in one way or another, is that correct?
Mr. Lewis.
That's correct.
Mr. Hubert.
Thank you very much, sir.
Mr. Lewis.
Thank you, sir.


Dean Adams Andrews, Jr.

Testimony of Dean Andrews, Jr. Adams

The testimony of Dean Adams Andrews, Jr., was taken on July 21, 1964, at the Old Civil Courts Building, Royal and Conti Streets, New Orleans, La., by Mr. Wesley J. Liebeler, assistant counsel of the President's Commission.

Dean Andrews, having been first duly sworn, was examined and testified as follows:

Mr. Liebeler.
Mr. Andrews, as you know by now, I am an attorney on the staff of the President's Commission. I have been authorized to take your deposition pursuant to authority granted to the Commission by Executive Order No. 11130, dated November 29, 1963, and joint resolution of Congress, No. 137.
I understand that the Secret Service served a subpena on you last week to be here today, so you have had the requisite notice for the proceeding.
As you are a member of the bar--as you know, of course, you are entitled to counsel, but you can probably forego that if you want to. You also know that you have all the usual privileges not to answer questions on the grounds of incrimination and whatever other privileges you might have and want to exercise.
Mr. Liebeler.
Would you state your full name for the record, please.
Mr. Andrews.
Dean, and the middle initial is A, A for Adams, Andrews, Jr.
Mr. Liebeler.
I am correct, am I not, that you are a member of the Bar of Louisiana?
Mr. Andrews.
I am a member of the bar of the State of Louisiana.
Mr. Liebeler.
And you regularly practice law in the city of New Orleans?
Mr. Andrews.
That's my office; yes.
Mr. Liebeler.
Where do you live?
Mr. Andrews.
207 Metairie Lawn Drive. That's in Metairie, La.
Mr. Liebeler.
Metairie Lawn Drive in Metairie?
Mr. Andrews.
Mr. Liebeler.
Where do you maintain your offices?
Mr. Andrews.
627 Maison Blanche Building, New Orleans.
*608 North St. Paul, one block from Ervay and YMCA.
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