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(Testimony of Edith Whitworth)

Mr. Liebeler.
"On leaving the Furniture Mart (second hand furniture store) the Oswalds made a U-turn and left driving against traffic on East Irving Boulevard in the direction of a gun repair shop in either a 1956 or 1957 two- tone blue and white Ford or Plymouth." Do you remember telling the agents that?
Mrs. Whitworth.
I probably did and it might be fresher in my mind at that time that they did go, but right now--I have talked with Mrs. Hunter so much, that she was. the one actually that said that they went on the one way street the wrong way. Now, I might have said it at that time, but right now, .you know, it has been a good while since that happened and not ever thinking anything would come of it--that I could be more specific on what happened on the inside of the store than what happened on the outside, because things like that happen every day, you know, I mean on the outside, but no two people ever come in there and acted like that for that length of time, you know, that I'm not going to swear that he went the wrong way and I'm not going to say that he drove that car off from there. Like I say, it wasn't that important to me to know that at that time because I didn't know I was going to have to--if I had--I would have been more specific about it, but I was in a position where I could have seen it, but we remarked after he left about what I had said and I got no comment about it from her, you know.
Mr. Liebeler.
All right, thank you very much and we will see you Friday morning.
Mrs. Whitworth.
All right.


Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald, Edith Whitworth, and Gertrude Hunter

Testimony of Mrs. Lee Harvey , Edith Whitworth, Oswald


The testimony of Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald, Edith Whitworth, and Gertrude Hunter was taken at 11 a.m., on July 24, 1964, in the office of the U.S. attorney, 301 Post Office Building, Bryan and Ervay Streets, Dallas, Tex., by Mr. Wesley J. Liebeler, assistant counsel of the President's Commission. Present were June Oswald and Rachel Oswald, children of Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald; William A. McKenzie and Henry Baer, counsel for .Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald; Peter Paul Gregory, interpreter; and Forrest Sorrels and John Joe Howlett, special agents of the U.S. Secret Service.

[Note.--The asterisk represents a response by Marina Oswald without assistance of the interpreter. All other responses shown for Marina Oswald were through the interpreter.]

Mr. Liebeler.
May the record show, Marina, that you have previously been sworn as a witness when you appeared before the Commission in Washington?
Mrs. Oswald.
Mr. Liebeler.
And you will regard the-testimony that you are going to give here this morning as a continuation of the testimony you gave to the Commission, and I assume you will regard yourself as being under oath as you did before the Commission?
Mrs. Oswald.
Mr. Liebeler.
Am I correct in understanding that Marina has indicated she will regard herself as being under a continuing oath?
Mrs. Oswald.
Mr. Liebeler.
The basic purpose for your presence here this morning relates to testimony that has been given by two ladies, Mrs. Whitworth and Mrs. Hunter, who are outside, that you were in a furniture store in Irving, Tex., in early November with your two children and with Lee Harvey Oswald.
Mrs. Oswald.
[No response.]
Mr. Liebeler.
I understand that you had previously testified about ,this and have told the Commission that you were not in the store at that time. We want these two ladies to have an opportunity to see you and have you see them, to see
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