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(Testimony of Hunter , Jr. Schmidt)

Mr. Schmidt.
I think so, and we try to be factual. I think we have tried to be very factual and very honest on this thing.
At this time you see we were getting things that were hoaxes that was full of holes, and I wouldn't have any reason specifically to inflate this.
Mr. Liebeler.
Well, you are absolutely firm in your position that on the morning of Thanksgiving you did call Ryder and you did talk to him and did get from him the basic facts about the gun, ticket, and the boresighting and the drilling of the hole?
Mr. Schmidt.
Absolutely. Like I say about the boresighting, I got the bore-sighting statement and details that I didn't know about. But I did get the cost. I got the ticket with the name Oswald on it, that he mentioned in t. he story, the statement about the ammunition. He didn't buy any ammunition that he could remember.
Mr. Liebeler.
Let me say this to you. We are faced with a situation where Ryder has denied under oath the statement that you have just affirmed under oath. It is perfectly clear that somebody is not telling us the truth. Mr. SCHMIDT. Obviously.
Mr. Liebeler.
What I would like to do in order to try to determine who is telling the truth about this question is have you come in here tomorrow evening at about 7:30 or so when Mr. Ryder is going to be here again to testify before the Commission. After I discuss this with Mr. Ryder, by myself, for a while, I would like to bring you into the room and I would like to have you and Mr. Ryder see if you can't iron out this apparent inconsistency in the two stories.
Mr. Schmidt.
It is perfectly fine with me.
Mr. Liebeler.
Then you are willing to do that?
Mr. Schmidt.
Mr. Liebeler.
At this point, we will suspend Mr. Schmidt's deposition until such time as we resume tomorrow in the presence of Mr. Ryder. And needless to say, of course, you will hold in complete confidence the request that I have made of you now until after we have our meeting with Mr. Ryder?
Mr. Schmidt.
That will be fine with me.
Mr. Liebeler.
I would be very unhappy if I found it in the newspaper before Ryder gets here.
Mr. Schmidt.
Is it free knowledge after that, though?
Mr. Liebeler.
That is something that is entirely up to you, I suppose. I don't know if the Commission would request you not to write a story about it. I would like to talk to Washington. and even if we request you not to write a story, that is all we can do.
Mr. Schmidt.
Well, we have tried all the time to cooperate with people. If there is anything other than that you want me to do, if you have a polygraph test, I will be perfectly willing to submit to it.
Mr. Liebeler.
Have I mentioned a polygraph test?
Mr. Schmidt.
No; but I would be perfectly willing to submit to that.
Mr. Liebeler.
That is something that we will take under advisement after we see what happens with regard to Mr. Ryder tomorrow.
Mr. Schmidt.
Perfectly fine with me.


Charles W. Greener

Testimony of Charles W. Greener

The testimony of Charles W. Greener was taken at 12:15 p.m., on April 1, 1964, at the Irving Sports Shop, 221 East Irving Boulevard, Irving, Tex., by Mr. Wesley J. Liebeler, assistant counsel of the President's Commission.
Mr. Liebeler.
I would like to swear you as a witness and she will take this all down. Would you raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you are about to give will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Mr. Greener.
I do.
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