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(Testimony of Dial Duwayne Ryder)

Mr. Liebeler.
note whether or not on that rifle the stock went very close to the end of the barrel or didn't come out so far?
Mr. Ryder.
As far as I remember it had been cut off, or, in other words, it didn't go to the end of the barrel, as far as I remember, I don't. I am quite sure it didn't. It went a little over half way in the picture that I saw.
Mr. Liebeler.
You mentioned that sometimes in the military rifles the stock goes quite far along the barrel?
Mr. Ryder.
Mr. Liebeler.
Is that not a common type of construction in a domestic rifle or nonmilitary rifle?
Mr. Ryder.
Right; or nonmilitary or what we call a spotter rifle your stock goes half way to the end of the barrel leaving the end of the barrel to wiggle as it may. A military rifle, M-I, Garand, 03A3, 303, they all are of wood and completely encased around the barrel. In other words, you had a piece run all the way on the bottom of it; piece that filled in on the top side. Lot of people use military rifles or use sporter rifles that some cut the stock off at a slight angle, say, a little above half way of the barrel. Others go ahead and spend and buy the sporter-type stock they can fit their gun to, but as far as I remember, this stock an the picture didn't go all the way to the end of the barrel.
Mr. Liebeler.
Unless you can think of anything else that you want to add at .this point I just tell you for the record that my present inclination is to close the deposition at this point. I may wish to question you again and possibly bring the rifle down here so you can look at it. Unless you can think of anything else you want to add at this time that you think might be helpful, we will terminate. Can you think of anything else?
Mr. Ryder.
No; I can't think of anything right now.
Mr. Liebeler.
I want to ask one or two more questions. You mentioned you were interviewed by the Dallas police force about this. Do you remember the name of the man or men who talked to you on the Dallas police force?
Mr. Ryder.
No, sir; I don't. Actually, I say Dallas Police Department, it was the sheriff's department rather than the Dallas Police Department, really. Of course, I connect the two together but they're two separate organizations; I know that.
Mr. Liebeler.
In view of my former statement, I would like to thank you at this time. If we decide to continue with this, we will advise you in the future.


Testimony of Dial Duwayne Ryder Resumed

The testimony of Dial Duwayne Ryder was taken at 12:45 p.m., on April 1, 1964, at the Irving Sports Shop, 221 East Irving Boulevard, Irving, Tex., by Mr. Wesley J. Liebeler, assistant counsel of the President's Commission.
Mr. Liebeler.
This is the continued deposition of Dial Duwayne Ryder. The witness having been previously sworn, we will continue with the examination.
First of all, Mr. Ryder, I want to show you a picture that has been marked Exhibit No. 1, on Mr. Greener's deposition. I ask you if that is a picture of the repair tag that you found here in the shop?
Mr. Ryder.
Yes; that is the one right there.
Mr. Liebeler.
It has the name Oswald on it and the words drill and tap $4.50; bore sight, $1.50; total $6.
Mr. Ryder.
That is the one we was thinking about the other day. Did it have the $6 tag or the $4.50 tag, because we sometimes charge for the boresight and sometimes don't, depending on the type work we do or what we actually do on the thing.
Mr. Liebeler.
Do you remember the exact details under which you found the tag in the shop?
Mr. Ryder.
Well, we talked about this thing on Saturday morning and like I said before, like you saw-the workbench up there today, that it is cluttered up,
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