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(Testimony of Carroll Hamilton , Jr. Seeley)

Mr. Seeley.
We have issued passports to defectors, at least one that I know of. and I think we have furnished a report on that.
Mr. Coleman.
You say there is a case of another defector?
Mr. Seeley.
Yes, sir; in connection with the answer to this question, we did a research job on a list of defectors which had been furnished to the Department of State by the Department of Defense, and our search disclosed that only one of these individuals, a Paul David Wilson, had applied for passport facilities since his return to the United States. and he was issued a passport.
Mr. Coleman.
To go where, sir?
Mr. Seeley.
To visit Mexico, Colombia, South America, and was uncertain of others.
Mr. Coleman.
Was that done routinely or was that done after looking at his file?
Mr. Seeley.
My recollection of this, that this was a routine issuance of a passport to a person on whom we had no information.
Mr. Coleman.
In other words, this was another case where because you didn't have a lookout card--
Mr. Seeley.
Mr. Coleman.
Nobody ever looked at the file?
Mr. Seeley.
Yes, sir; well, there was no file. We have no file on this man other than his name. The Passport Office has no file on this man. Paul David Wilson.
Mr. Coleman.
But there has been no case where you had a file, you knew he had defected, and then he applied for another passport and before you issued the second passport you had to make a decision as to whether you could refuse to issue him a passport?
Mr. Seeley.
None to my knowledge.
Mr. Coleman.
I have no further questions, unless you have something else you would want to say.
Mr. Seeley.
I have nothing further, Mr. Coleman. I will be glad to help all I can. That is all I can say.
Mr. Coleman.
Thank you for coming over.


Louis Feldsott

Affidavit of Louis Feldsott

The following affidavit was executed by Louis Feldsott on July 23. 1964.

Country of Rockland, ss:

I, Louis Feldsott, being duly sworn say:
1. I am the President of Crescent Firearms, Inc., 2 West 37th Street, New York 18, New York.
2. On November 22, 1963, the F.B.I. contacted me and asked if Crescent Firearms, Inc., had any records concerning .the sale of an Italian made 6.5 m/m rifle with the serial number C 2766.
3. I was able to find a record of the sale of this rifle which indicated that the weapon had been sold to Kleins' Sporting Goods, Inc., Chicago, Illinois on June 18, 1962. I conveyed this information to the F.B.I. during the evening of November 22, 1963.
4. Further records involving the purchase, sale, and transportation of the weapon have been turned over to the F.B.I.
Signed the 23d day of July 1964.
(S) Louis Feldsott,

J. Philip Lux

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