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(Testimony of Laurance R. Wilcox)

Mr. Liebeler.
Go ahead.
Mr. Wilcox.
Telling me that he had been watching the television, and when he saw the picture of Oswald, he recognized that as being a man that had been in our office and had filed a message.
Mr. Liebeler.
Do you remember when Mr. Hamblen told you this?
Mr. Wilcox.
This was on a Wednesday following the assassination--following the shooting of Oswald. He told me that he was positive that he had seen Mr. Oswald in our office.
Mr. Liebeler.
He told you this on Wednesday following the Sunday on which Mr. Oswald was shot by Ruby; is that correct?
Mr. Wilcox.
That's right.
Mr. Liebeler.
That would have been November 27, 1963? Thanksgiving was on November the 28th.
Mr. Wilcox.
Yes. it was on a Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving. I asked Mr. Hamblen to tell me exactly what had taken place.
He stated that Oswald had filed a message going to Washington---a cash message, and it was written in a peculiar script, as Mr. Hamblen put it. It was typed in pencil. I think what he meant is printed in pencil.
I asked him to immediately set about to obtain-copies of that, as I was leaving town, and to get a copy of the message, and to do that it would be necessary for him to see Mr. Pirtle, our bookkeeping manager, and to get the message, put it in an envelope, and address it to my personal attention while I was in Kansas City.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did Mr. Hamblen tell you anything about what the message said or to whom it was addressed, at this first conversation?
Mr. Wilcox.
No, he didn't. We left for Kansas City and was there over the Thanksgiving holidays.
Mr. Liebeler.
You and your family?
Mr. Wilcox.
Yes. And while there, this article appeared in the Kansas City Star, their evening paper; very much the same story as appeared in the Dallas Times Herald.
Mr. Liebeler.
I show you a copy of a clipping which purports to have appeared in the Dallas Times Herald on November 30, 1963. I ask you if this tells a story similar to the report you saw in the Kansas City Star?
Mr. Wilcox.
Yes, same story.
Mr. Liebeler.
We will mark this clipping as Exhibit 3002 on the deposition of Laurance R. Wilcox, at Dallas, Tex. March 31, 1964. I have initialed the clipping in question, Mr. Wilcox, and ask you to do the same.
Mr. Wilcox.
[Initials.] Immediately when I read this story in the Kansas City paper I recognized it as being the same story that Mr. Hamblen had told me just a couple of days before in my office.
We returned to Dallas Sunday, and immediately on my return to the office Monday----
Mr. Liebeler.
Monday, I suggest would have been December 2, 1963?
Mr. Wilcox.
Mr. Liebeler.
And you fix that by recalling that the assassination was on the 22d. The following Friday would have been the 29th. Saturday, the 30th, Sunday the 1st; and Monday would have been December 2?
Mr. Wilcox.
Yes, December 2. Now, this was on my return to the office, and we indicated that was December 2. I went over the information that was contained in the newspaper article with Mr. Hamblen, reminding him that this was in effect the same story as he had told me just 2 days before, a few days before. Particularly, its comment about the strange printing on the telegram which he had seen presented by Oswald.
Mr. Hamblen admitted that he had discussed several matters with different reporters, but insisted that he hadn't given out such detailed information as appeared in the newspaper article.
However, I was constrained to feel that he had because it was exactly the same story as he had given me initially in the past week.
There was no doubt in my mind but that the newspaper article stemmed from Mr. Hamblen's visit with a newspaper reporter.
Mr. Liebeler.
In this connection, Mr. Wilcox, you have referred to a copy of
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