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(Testimony of Mrs. Helen P. Cunningham)

Mrs. Cunningham.
1 year ago in Dallas, applicants for unemployment compensation applied at usually the same office for recording their availability for work and making a claim for unemployment compensation, as where the employment services were housed in the last year in this particular area, and it is not true throughout all the public employment service offices-not even in this district. We have split out the employment services from the unemployment services, but there is a coordination between the offices and in the procedures on unemployment compensation, I know the general law and the necessity for being able and available for work, while being a claimant, and I make no pretense of knowing the up-to-date details of that.
Mr. Jenner.
No-; I wasn't seeking that. I just wanted the general picture of how they are coordinated.
Mrs. Cunningham.
And you see, one of the necessities for a person filing a claim for unemployment compensation is that he be registered in a public employment office.
Mr. Jenner.
And be available?
Mrs. Cunningham.
Be available and be able to work. Those are basic requirements and I think those are the same throughout the States.
Mr. Jenner.
Now, in the performance of your duties, your particular function with the Texas Employment Commission, did you have occasion to counsel, talk with, or examine a man by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald?
Mrs, CUNNINGHAM. Yes, sir.
Mr. Jenner.
Tell us about that please, ma'am. If you need any of these records to refresh your recollection, please use them, and as you refer to them, would you hesitate so I can identify the exhibit to which you make reference? You may use those documents to refresh your recollection. You did have a direct contact with Lee Harvey Oswald and I would like to have you give me the time, when it commenced, and relate it to us.
Mrs. Cunningham.
As Mr. Statman has probably told you, a photostat of the counseling record is not here. The record I am now looking at is the application form.
Mr. Jenner.
Excuse me, it is the form that I described in the record, the top line of which reads, "Describe your longest and most important jobs, including Military Service. Begin with your most recent job." It is also the application form called E-13.
Mrs. Cunningham.
Yes; it is E-13.
Mr. Jenner.
We will mark it Cunningham Exhibit No. 1. Now, I take it you were at the Texas Employment Commission and Mr. Oswald came in; is that correct? [The original of Cunningham Exhibit No. I is in evidence as Cunningham Exhibit No. 1-A.]

Mrs. CUNNINGHAM. No, sir. I'm on the record. I got a call from an acquaintance of urine, as I recall it, it was from Mr. Teofil Meller, M-e-l-l-e-r (spelling). Mr. JENNER. That is T-e-o-f-i-l M-e-l-l-e-r (spelling)
Mrs. Cunningham.
You can be right--I was recalling it with an "H" in it, but I believe that's the way he does spell it-- asking me if I would see Lee Harvey Oswald or Lee Oswald, as it was known, as they were giving assistance to his wife and infant child, and they were saying, "If you can help him, it will help the family and relieve us of this burden."
Mr. Jenner.
You understood, then, from Mr. Meller, that the wife, at least, was residing with him?
Mrs. Cunningham.
At or had previously resided there for a brief time. I can't be certain of that.
Mr. Jenner.
In any event, that the Mellers were under obligation to assist or they had volunteered to assist?
Mrs. Cunningham.
Volunteered to assist.
Mr. Jenner.
They had volunteered to assist the Oswalds or at least Mrs. "Oswald?"
Mr. Jenner.
Did Mr. Meller say anything to you at this time as to who Mrs. Oswald was and who Mr. Oswald was?
Mrs. Cunningham.
AS I recall, he said that Oswald was a Fort Worth boy who had lived in Russia and had married a Russian girl, and it was she who was in their residence and it was their offspring.
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