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(Testimony of Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald Resumed)

Mr. Rankin.
Where were you on the morning of November 24th when your husband was killed?
Mrs. Oswald.
The night from the 23d to the 24th I spent at a hotel in Dallas, together with the mother. She wanted to make sure that the Life reporters who had taken this room would pay for it, as they had promised. But they disappeared. Then she telephoned Robert, it seems to me, and Gregory--no, Mr. Gregory. And I know that he came with Robert, and Robert paid for the room. And, after that, after we left the hotel, we met with the Secret Service agents. I wanted to see Lee, and we were supposed to go to the police station to see him.
Mr. Rankin.
That was on November 24th, on Sunday?
Mrs. Oswald.
Mr. Rankin.
And then what happened?
Mrs. Oswald.
I don't remember whether we went to Ruth to take my things or perhaps--in general, I remember that en route, in the car, Mike Howard or Charley Kunkel said that Lee had been shot today.
At first he said that it wasn't serious--perhaps just not to frighten me. I was told that he had been taken to a hospital, and then I was told that he had been seriously wounded.
Then they had to telephone somewhere. They stopped at the house of the chief of police, Curry. From there, I telephone Ruth to tell her that I wanted to take several things which I needed with me, and asked her to prepare them. And that there was a wallet with money and Lee's ring.
Soon after that--Robert was no longer with me, but Gregory was there, and the mother, and the Secret Service agents. They said that Lee had died.
After that, we went to the Motel Inn, the Six Flags Inn, where I stayed for several days--perhaps two weeks--I don't know.
Mr. Rankin.
Do you recall what time of the day you heard that your husband had been shot?
Mrs. Oswald.
Two o'clock in the afternoon, I think.
Mr. Rankin.
And where were you at that time?
Mrs. Oswald.
I was in a car.
Mr. Rankin.
Just riding around, or at some particular place?
Mrs. Oswald.
No, not at two o'clock earlier. Lee was shot at 11 o'clock. It was probably close to 12 o'clock. He died at one.
Mr. Rankin.
And where was the car that you were in at that time?
Mrs. Oswald.
We were on the way to Chief Curry, en route front the hotel.
Mr. Rankin.
What did you do after you went to the motel?
Mrs. Oswald.
I left with Robert and we prepared for the funeral. Then Ruth Paine sent my things to me via the agent.
Mr. Gopadze.
She would like a recess for a little while. She has a headache.
The Chairman.
Yes, we will recess.
(Brief recess)
The Chairman.
The Commission will be in order. Do you feel refreshed now, Mrs. Oswald, ready to proceed?
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, thank you.
The Chairman.
Very well.
Mr. Rankin?
Mr. Rankin.
Mrs. Oswald, I asked you if you asked your husband about his efforts to escape, why he did that. I will ask you now whether in light of what you said about his seeking notoriety in connection with the assassination, in your opinion how you explain his efforts to escape, which would presumably not give him that notoriety.
Mrs. Oswald.
When he did that, he probably did it with the intention of becoming notorious. But after that, it is probably a normal reaction of a man to try and escape.
Mr. Rankin.
You will recall that in the interviews, after the assassination, you first said that you thought your husband didn't do it, do you?
Mrs. Oswald.
I don't remember it, but quite possibly I did say that. You must understand that now I only speak the truth.
Mr. Rankin.
Recently you said that you thought your husband did kill President Kennedy.
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