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(Testimony of Robert Edward Oswald Lee Resumed)

Mr. Jenner.
Now, did there occur subsequently any further occasions in which the conducting of lessons by Marina with or for Paul Gregory arose?
Mr. Oswald.
Not to my knowledge, sir.
Mr. Jenner.
Up to the time that they had left Fort Worth, which, as I recall was the day after Thanksgiving, 1962, did there come to your attention, either through your brother or Marina or some other source, the undertaking by Marina to give or participate in lessons to persons other than Paul Gregory, the teaching or increasing the facility of use of the Russian language on the part of someone else?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir. And if I may, sir, to understand the question fully--you referred to the day after Thanksgiving, 1962, as the day that they had left Fort Worth, Tex. They had given up their residence on Mercedes Street in the early part of October 1962, and moved to Dallas, Tex., address unknown to me. On the occasion referred to on Thanksgiving 1962, it was my understanding that they returned to Dallas when they departed from my home in Fort Worth, Tex.
Mr. Jenner.
You are absolutely correct.
I did misstate your testimony. But up until the time they did leave, were there any further occasions on which you received the impression, at least, that Marina had been engaged, either for compensation or voluntarily in teaching conversational Russian or increasing the facility or use of the Russian language by someone else?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir; I am not acquainted with any other persons that perhaps she had pursued this line of employment with, or volunteered to instruct anybody else in the use of the Russian language.
Mr. Jenner.
Does that exhaust this subject, Mr. Chairman?
Mr. Dulles.
Yes. You may proceed.
Mr. Jenner.
At any time before Marina and Lee left Fort Worth to go to Dallas, did you become aware of her, at least from time to time, living with others in the city of Fort Worth--that is, not living with your brother in their home?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir; I was not aware of that.
Mr. Jenner.
Mr. Oswald; I anticipate that a series of names which I am about to put to you would in large part be strange to you, but one of the other divisions of the investigation staff desires me to inquire whether any of these names are familiar to you.
Prior to November 22, 1963, did you or your brother, Lee, or any member. of the Oswald family--that would include your brother John and your mother--as far as you know hear of any of the following persons:
Mr. Chairman, may I withdraw that question and put it to the witness first.
Did you, at any time prior to November 22, 1963, know of or hear of any of the following persons:
One, George Senator?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir; I have not.
Mr. Jenner.
And that name is unfamiliar to you?
Mr. Oswald.
That is correct.
Mr. Jenner.
Ralph Paul?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir; I did not.
Mr. Dulles.
We will assume that each of those questions the name is also unfamiliar to you.
Mr. Oswald.
That is correct.
If you would like, may 1 suggest that you read the entire list and if any of them are familiar to me I would stop you on that occasion.
Mr. Jenner.
Thank you.
Andrew Armstrong; Karen Bennett, also sometimes known as Carlin; Bruce Carlin; Roy William Pike, alias Mickey Ryan; Robert Kermit Patterson, alias Bobby Patterson; Donald C. Stuart; Charles Arndt; Stanley or Katch Skotnicki; Larry Crafard; Eva Grant; Joe Bonds; Joyce Lee McDonald, also known Joy Dale.
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir; I have not heard of any of those people mentioned by name, nor am I familiar with any of their names.
Mr. Jenner.
And as far as you know, none of the members of your family,
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