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(Testimony of Robert Edward Oswald Lee Resumed)

Mr. Mckenzie.
And I call the Commission's attention particularly to the word stamped on the envelope "recommende" for whatever it means.
Mr. Dulles.
That is French.
Mr. Jenner.
Would you please relate, Mr. Oswald, Marina's speak or understand English at the time that she and your turned from Russia in June of 1962?
Mr. Oswald.
Her ability to understand was far less than her speak English words. I spoke to her on the telephone the night of June 13, 1962 from New York City, to my residence in Fort Worth, Tex., and her statement to me at that time was, "Hello, Robert." I replied but no answer, and Lee took the telephone over again.
Mr. Jenner.
During the month they lived in your home, were you better able to form an opinion as to her ability to speak and understand English?
Mr. Oswald.
I believe the best way to establish the degree of what she understood in English at that time and her ability to speak the English language would be very, very, very small, if anything at all.
Mr. Jenner.
As to her facility in that regard-did her facility in regard become better as the months and years wore on?
Mr. Oswald.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Jenner.
Was there any discussion which you overheard or with respecting her undertaking to study, learn to speak, English?
Mr. Oswald.
Yes, sir; she most certainly wanted to learn to speak English at the time, and she was staying at my home in Fort Worth, Tex. and prior to their departure from Fort Worth, Tex. to Dallas, Tex., in the winter of 1962.
Mr. Jenner.
What was your brother's attitude with respect to her that respect?
Mr. Oswald.
I do not recall him stating his desires in that respect either pro or con.
Mr. Jenner.
You have no impressions on the subject either way?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir I might have an impression, pardon me, wanted her particularly at the time we were staying, they were staying at home in Fort Worth, Tex., to learn English.
Mr. Jenner.
That was expressed in your presence during that period of by him?
Mr. Oswald.
Not in so many words, sir. It was perhaps implied, and he me with the impression that he wanted her to learn English at that time or at soon as she possibly could, and I might add that on a number of occasions the visit at my home in Fort Worth, Tex. that my daughter Cathy, with her childhood language in 1961, which would establish her age at 4 years old, talk to her and it appeared that she would gather more English from Cathy than she would the adults in the family.
Mr. Jenner.
Did the State Department or any agency of the United get in touch with you with respect to your supplying funds or the possibility of your supplying funds to your brother while he was still in Russia for the purpose of financing his return to the United States?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir; they did not.
Mr. Jenner.
Did any agency of the United States or any public body located in New York City get in touch with you with respect to supplying him funds for his transportation from New York City to Fort Worth?
Mr. Oswald.
Yes, sir, they did.
Mr. Jenner.
Was that the initial request or knowledge to you that you received that funds were necessary, or would be needed for that purpose?
Mr. Oswald.
Yes, sir, that is correct.
Mr. Jenner.
Do you remember the name of the agency? Was it the one that you identified yesterday?
Mr. Oswald.
Yes, sir, it was.
Mr. Jenner.
All right.
In his letter of November 30, 1961, he makes a request for a football.
Did you send the football to him?
Mr. Oswald.
No sir, I did not.
Mr. Jenner.
In the letter of December 14, 1961, which is Commission Exhibit
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