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(Testimony of Robert Edward Oswald Lee Resumed)

Mr. Mckenzie.
Prior to going to--with the Secret Service and Marina on Thanksgiving evening, was that the first time that you had ever seen the apartments where they lived?
Mr. Oswald.
That is correct, sir.
The Chairman.
I think we will take a break now.
I must be going to my conference. So we will recess for just a moment.
(Brief recess.)
Mr. Dulles.
The Commission will come to order. Mr. Jenner, if you will proceed.
Mr. Jenner.
Thank you, sir.
Mr. Oswald, we have some data that indicates or confirms the fact that Mr. Nixon was invited to Dallas in April of 1963, by the Southeast Dallas Chamber of Commerce to receive the Good American Award, but that at the last minute it was necessary for him to cancel his attendance he was unable to attend, and did not come to Dallas on that occasion. There was some publicity in connection with the giving of the award prior to the event. But I take it from your testimony that at least you did not pursue with Marina or with Mr. Martin their fixing the time of the event in which Marina, according to the information given you, locked your brother Lee in the bathroom to prevent him from any violence on Mr. Nixon.
Mr. Oswald.
That is correct.
Mr. Mckenzie.
Mr. Jenner, if I may, with Mr. Dulles approval, interrupt you one more time for another statement.
I recall when Mr. Nixon was coming to Dallas at the invitation of Mr. Carlson and others to receive this award.
However, Mr. Nixon did come to Dallas some time within 6 weeks prior to November 22, 1963. The exact date I cannot fix, because I don't recall the exact date.
But it is my best recollection that he was there in that period of time.
Mr. Jenner.
Mr. McKenzie, that may well be so.
Our information indicates to the contrary--that he was in Dallas on the 21 of November 1963.
Mr. Mckenzie.
That is what I say, sir.
Mr. Jenner.
You said several weeks prior.
Mr. Mckenzie.
I said some time within 6 weeks prior to November 22d.
Mr. Jenner.
Well, our information is that he was in Dallas on the 21 of November 1963, and not prior to that time.
But we will----
Mr. Dulles.
I think there is a misunderstanding there. You are technically correct. It was the day before.
Mr. Mckenzie.
I couldn't remember the exact date, Mr. Dulles, and I wasn't going to be tied down to any exact date.
Mr. Dulles.
You are technically correct.
Mr. Mckenzie.
November 21 was before November 22.
Mr. Jenner.
Well, the inference of the 6 weeks----
Mr. Mckenzie.
Mr. Jenner, the reason I say 6 weeks--as I explained to Mr. Dulles, I don't know exactly when it was, but I know it was prior to November 22d, Dick Nixon was in Dallas.
Mr. Jenner.
Well, Mr. Chairman, we will obtain that information and make it part of the record.
Now, Mr. Oswald, in view of what you have related with regard to this particular event, I ask you this question: Would you please state why you did not report this circumstance to any agency or agent of the U.S. Government up to the time that you gave your diary to Mr. McKenzie and he turned it over to the FBI?
Mr. Oswald.
An assumption on my part at the time this was told to me was that some Federal agents were aware of this. Nobody told me that they were aware of it. I repeat, again, it was an assumption on my part that somebody was perhaps aware of this, as they were, before I was--aware of the alleged shot at General Walker of the same year.
Mr. Jenner.
I see.
Did you discuss this event with Mrs. Oswald, that is, your wife, Vada?
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