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(Testimony of Robert Edward Oswald Lee Resumed)

Mr. Oswald.
I talked to him that night and, of course, at that time he was aware that Lee had been killed. I talked briefly to him, I say briefly, perhaps 4 or 5 minutes, and discussed with him whether or not he thought it was best that he attended the funeral or not, and it was my opinion that it would not be best for him or his family since he was, his name was Pic, and to a great extent he would be out of the picture and there was no sense in exposing him to the publicity of the funeral. Not to mention the travel time involved in coming up from San Antonio and the like.
Mr. Dulles.
You were not in touch with him between the time of the assassination and the arrest of your brother and the time of his death, the 36 hours?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir.
Mr. Dulles.
You were not in touch with your brother Pic at that time?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir: I was not.
Mr. Mckenzie.
But you attempted to reach him?
Mr. Oswald.
Mr. Mckenzie.
You did afterwards.
Representative Boggs.
Have you seen much of your mother since the assassination?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir: I have not.
Representative Boggs.
Is this because you had some emotional problems or difficulties, or what?
Mr. Oswald.
Sir, I would say, of course, mother was out at the Inn of Six Flags with Marina and myself and the children during the week following up to Friday which would be, I believe, the 29th of November, when she went to her home and I left her to go after my wife and the children out at the farm, and Marina went over to Mr. Martin's house, this was the last time I have seen her since then. She has called quite a few times. I talked to her a number of times on the telephone. She is rather persistent to the extent that, and this is not new to me, we have never really gotten along, she tries to dominate me and my wife, and I might say that applies to John and his family, and also to the extent that it applied to Lee and his wife, and there is just generally the picture as far as I and my mother are concerned.
Representative Boggs.
That is all, Mr. Chairman.
Mr. Dulles.
The testimony we had here from Mrs. Oswald indicated that it was approximately a year prior to the assassination of the President that he had not been in touch with his mother, and your testimony is to the general effect that about the same period, you had not been in touch.
Is that just a coincidence, or did something happen about that time so that both of you, both brothers more or less separated from the mother?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir----
Mr. Dulles.
Maybe it is geographic, maybe there is some other reason for it.
Representative Boggs.
I had understood him to say he had not been in contact with his brother Lee, I didn't hear him say anything about his mother.
Mr. Mckenzie.
That is correct. For the year prior to November 22d had you been in touch with your mother or had your mother been in touch with you, Robert?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir; we had not been in touch.
Representative Boggs.
Your mother in her testimony before the Commission, gave the impression and later in press stories that she thought that maybe your brother was an agent of the CIA. Did you ever have any reason to think that?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir; and the only time the thought ever entered my mind as to him being an agent of the CIA or any other U.S. Government bureau was on his return from Russia while residing at my residence in Fort Worth, the FBI had called and requested that he come down for an interview there in Fort Worth. On the completion of his interview when I came home from work that night, he discussed it briefly and I asked him how did they treat him, and so forth. He said just fine, and he says, "They asked me was I a secret agent," or some type of agent for the U.S. Government and he laughed and he said, "Well, don't you know?" I remember that. That was just crossed out of my mind.
Representative Ford.
Between November 22 and the last time you saw your mother did she ever mention to you that she thought Lee was an agent of the Federal Government?
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