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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald Resumed)

Mrs. Oswald.
testified that I had gone home the night before to get all my papers, after much persuasion. I started to look through the papers for Lee's number. And I started to cry. He and I were in the room alone. I think this was purposely, because they said something to the doctor.
I said I am very upset and told the doctor what happened. And I said "You know, my heart is breaking. I cannot understand how they would do something like that, and not tell me about it."
So he talked with me, and he gave me two pills. When we opened the door he said to the agents "She is all right, she has a right to her feelings." So they must have thought that I was---something was wrong with me. They thought--because I took the attitude immediately--well, Robert said it--I said "Why didn't you let me know." "Well, just because the way you are acting now." I said "How am I acting. I am acting in a normal way. I have lost my son. Now you have made arrangements without consulting me to take my daughter and two grandchildren to live with strangers. This is a normal reaction. Am I going to say yes, take my daughter-in-law and grandchildren, I don't need my part of them."
This is a normal reaction.
Reverend Saunders, Louis Saunders, who is a minister at the grave, accidentally came at the very last minute. He had not preached a sermon in 8 years. He is head of the Council of Churches.
He heard we could not get a minister so he was able to come at the very last minute. And Rev. Granville Walker was sent to my home in Fort Worth, Tex., the next day after I arrived home, to help, to console me about this case. So he said "Mrs. Oswald, I understand that Marina has been offered a very fine home, and how do you feel about that. Are you not glad that your daughter-in- law is going to be taken care of and the children have an education."
I said "No, Reverend Saunders, I do not feel that way about it. Those are material things. How do we know if these children will live to derive any benefit from this education. I think that we should stick together as a family. Her Mama, like she wanted. The girl said she has no Mama. Everything was arranged for the Mama. She is talking about money and material things. I expressed my opinion at the Six Flags, that we start with $863--no contributions were coming in. And then if we cannot make it, then let the ones that are so concerned help us. And I remarked--I am working for a very wealthy woman.
Who knows, maybe she will give us $5,000. Let us stick together as a family. Reverend Saunders says "Mrs. Oswald, your philosophy of life is beautiful, and it is a Biblical way. But you know you have to be practical."
So the very next day, sir--and this is in "Christianity Today," to prove my point--Mr. Jim Cox, who writes for "Christianity Today" and is a Star Telegram reporter called me and said "Mrs. Oswald, Reverend Saunders called me and wanted me to get a story from you, because he thought you had such a wonderful philosophy of life."
I sat down, and Mr. Jimmy Cox stayed home from Church--I gave Mr. Jimmy Cox a story that is in Christianity Today, that only goes to ministers, and it is because of Reverend Saunders. So I do have people to testify about this particular thing. And I did act in a normal way. That is a normal reaction, to not want to give up my family.
Mr. Rankin.
Mrs. Oswald. I will give you Exhibits 206 through 227, both inclusive, and ask you if that is--if those are photostatic copies of your correspondence would you look at each one of them--with the State Department that you have referred to in your testimony?
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, sir. Do you want the numbers as I go along?
Mr. Rankin.
No. You just look at them.
Mrs. Oswald.
That is correct.
Representative Ford.
These are copies, Mr. Rankin, of her letters to the State Department and the responses?
Mrs. Oswald.
That is correct.
Mr. Rankin.
Yes, that is correct, is it not, Mrs. Oswald?
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, that is correct.
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