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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald Resumed)

Mrs. Oswald.
Well, it doesn't have any bearing. I think the amount I got would be immaterial to the Commission. I don't know.
The Chairman.
Well, I think it might be material under some circumstances. But if she doesn't wish to tell us, that is all right.
Mrs. Oswald.
It is not--just like the pictures. I want you to have the pictures. And you didn't seem to think they were important enough. I am asking if this is important to the Commission, because that is my personal life. It is no crime to sell the pictures. I have no job or income. If I want to sell a picture to a magazine or a newspaper, and protect myself financially, I am going to continue to do that.
Mr. Doyle.
The Commission has stated to you that it would be interested in knowing, that it feels it might be of some value to them. But if you do not wish to say anything about it, they would not press you. So again, it would be completely up to you.
Mrs. Oswald.
I think that would probably, like these pictures, be my personal----
Mr. Rankin.
Did you learn about the attempt of your son to shoot General Walker?
Mrs. Oswald.
I am delighted you asked me that question. I have these notes here, and didn't go through that.
The first time I knew about General Walker was through the paper.
Now, I became indignant. I do not remember the quotes. But why I became indignant was that I had Lee's handwriting in Russian. But no one came to me to find out about this note. That is the part, gentlemen, that is so peculiar about this whole thing.
I understand through reporters that the note was shown to Mrs. Ruth Paine, and wanted to know if the handwriting was Lee's handwriting. But no one has come to find out if I had any handwriting of Lee in Russian, which I have.
Mr. Rankin.
Did you think this was in Russian?
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, I am under the impression that the note was in Russian. It stated in the paper.
Mr. Rankin.
When did you learn about the Walker incident?
Mrs. Oswald.
Through the newspaper. And it has been changed, the story, now. If I can remember. Now, I will get this for you. I have a friend that has one of the most complete scrapbooks in the United States, that helps in this investigation. And I can get all these articles, sir. And I will help in every way possible.
If I remember correctly, it was stated that Marina found this note in the room that says "I may be arrested, and if so get in touch with the Russian consul" and told her where to go to the jailhouse. I wish I knew the exact quote. So we are getting back to an agent now.
From what I remember in the beginning, he did not say in the note that he was going to kill General Walker--that he would be involved in something that might cause him to be arrested and so on. I remember this. That was in the very beginning, sir. It came out in Fort Worth, Tex. So he is going to be involved in something. That doesn't mean he is going to shoot General Walker.
Mr. Rankin.
When did you learn that he did try to shoot General Walker?
Mrs. Oswald.
As the story started to leak out from the paper, what we call leaks. I have to say this, because we are investigating this. I am not the main investigator. But I talk to people. They call, and I get letters from them. Every now and then Mr. Jim Martin, who is the business manager for Marina, would quote Marina--not Marina, but he would quote Marina about General Walker, quoted her about thinking in her mind that her husband had killed the President.
And I was firing back through the newspapers and saying Mr. Jim Martin was an American citizen, and I didn't appreciate him quoting my daughter-in-law about these things because they are of no advantage. How can they prove that Lee had killed General Walker because now maybe they would not have the bullets--and so on. It happened before.
Mr. Rankin.
You knew that he was not killed.
Mrs. Oswald.
What good would it be for Mr. Martin to make a statement like
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