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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald Resumed)

And I saw the brochure. It was sponsored by very prominent people. There was nothing wrong with it. If he wanted to go, that was all right---could go on this. So he started to save his money to go. However, this was in January--you want the date?

Mr. Rankin.
Mrs. Oswald.
Are we in 1955 in New Orleans? Yes. No, 1956 this would be. January, 1956--Lee took his money out of the Homestead, which was approximately $150, or something like that. And lee Harvey Oswald bought an electric football machine cost approximately $10. He bought a bow and arrow set--maybe about $6 or $7. And he bought a gun. Now, I don't know about guns. I was going to say BB gun, but I will not say it was a BB gun--but Robert Oswald will know--or a rifle. But it was not an expensive gun. He was just 16 1/2 years old. And I am of the opinion if he bought a real gun, I would have had to sign or something. I may be wrong. But anyhow it was a gun to go squirrel hunting or rabbit hunting. 1 will identify it like that. And then

we can go into it further.
And he paid $35 on a coat for me. And the very first job that--the very first pay that Lee got from this job from Tujague sir, he came home with a bird cage on a stand that had a planter. It had the ivy in the planter, it had the parakeet, and it had a complete set of food for the parakeet. His very first pay. And then he paid his room and board. I kept this bird cage the stand was collapsible all these years, in the back of my car, and put it up, no matter where I was on a case, and had the bird up until about 2 years ago---no, I had the bird, and gave it to Lee when they came back from Russia. What has become of it I do not know. I gave the bird and bird cage to lee and Marina when they came back from Russia. I am trying to give you the picture of this boy. Would you ask me some more questions, please? It is awful hard for me to remember everything.
Mr. Rankin.
Do you remember any other guns he had?
Mrs. Oswald.
No, sir. This is the only gun that 1 have known Lee to have.
Mr. Rankin.
Now, about Officer Tippit.
Mrs. Oswald.
Let me finish about Robert and his gun. This is important to you.
When we came to New Orleans, I worked at Washer Bros. in New Orleans--transferred from---Goldrings in New Orleans is Washer Bros. in Fort Worth, Tex. So I worked at Washer Bros. Lee came into the place 1 worked one day with the gun and wanted me to sign a paper so he could sell the gun. Well, I was indignant that he came where I was working with a gun. I said, "Lee, we will talk about it later." And several of the salesladies thought that I brushed him off real fast. Well, now, Robert bought that gun from Lee, and gave Lee $10 for the gun. It was 3 months we were living in New Orleans. So Robert gave Lee $10 for the gun. And Robert used to go hunting with it at his mother-in-law's house. I have stated they live in the country and they go rabbit and squirrel hunting. Robert would know about the gun, the type gun and everything. I do not know.
Mr. Rankin.
You have told us all you know about the gun?
Mrs. Oswald.
That is all I know about the gun. And Robert bought the gun from Lee, gave him $10.
Mr. Rankin.
You haven't told us whether you thought your son killed Officer Tippit.
Mrs. Oswald.
I strictly do not believe that Lee killed Officer Tippit.
Mr. Rankin.
Can you tell us why?
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes. I am sorry to have to elaborate so, but this, as you know, is very important.
Mr. Lane and myself are investigating, with hundreds of investigators. have over 1,500 letters. We haste reporters and people investigating for us, that are not satisfied with the whole case. And Mr. Lane has a lot of affidavits. I cannot say what Mr. Lane has. But he is doing a very good Job about this. And we have come to the conclusion that Lee is not guilty of Officer Tippit.
Now, I gave you a picture yesterday--you might have it there, I don't know, Mr. Ranking that could possibly be Marina and the child. We have found
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