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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald Resumed)

Mr. Doyle.
them, they will--there will be copies made of them, the originals, of course, will remain in your custody. Their purposes will be their use will be the uses of the Commission. But the Commission gives you no assurance whatsoever of the use, and gives you the complete choice of either submitting them or not under those circumstances.
Mrs. Oswald.
Well, being a layman, I understand, I think, what you are telling me, in a way. But, on the other hand, being a layman, I feel actually I have no choice.
You have to understand I am not an attorney.
Mr. Doyle.
But you do have a choice, because you are not here under subpena. Your materials have not been subpenaed. The Commission has advised you openly here that you may submit them or not as you see fit to do. So there is no force, no legal force at all. This is absolutely up to you.
The only thing that has been expressed to you is that they can give you no assurance or guarantee as to what use the Commission will make of them, that they will make what use they believe in their judgment is required by the Executive order and the purposes of their investigation.
Mrs. Oswald.
I understand. And that is why I wanted the Commission to have all pictures that I have.
Now, may I request something? I don't think it is presumptuous of me. Maybe it is.
Could I sign for my rights for these pictures, and then let you have the pictures?
I am afraid that they may get lost.
The Chairman.
I think, Mrs. Oswald. if you have any doubt as to whether a misuse will be made of your papers, or if they are as valuable, moneywise, to you as you think they are, then I would suggest to you that you retain them yourself. We, of course, would be interested to see them, and they might be helpful---I don't know, because I don't know what you have there, or what context the pictures will be in.
But as your lawyer has told you, you are not under subpena here, you appeared voluntarily because you requested to testify before us. Those documents are not under subpena. They belong to you. They are in your possession. I have not seen them. You are at liberty to use them in your testimony or not, as you please.
But if you do. the Commission cannot put any limitations on the use that it will make of them.
Mrs. Oswald.
Even though you have stated, Chief Justice Warren. just now, that you do not know if they are valuable to the Commission--and yet I have information from Mr. Jennet that they are valuable to the Commission, because they pertain to Lee's life at age 13 to age 16.
The Chairman.
Yes, I say they might be. I don't know. I have never seen them.
But the choice is with you, Mrs. Oswald. You may do just as you please. If you wish to testify concerning them. and put them in the hands of the Commission, you may do so.
But the Commission cannot limit itself in the use of its testimony.
Mrs. Oswald.
I want the Commission to have this.
Moneywise, it is more important for the Commission to know this boy's life and my life but also I need to protect myself financially, because I am a widow, and do not have the money. And this will mean--these are valuable

I am not questioning the integrity of this Commission or the loyalty. What I am questioning is that possibly they may get lost or someone may somehow or other get ahold of these pictures and exploit them, and get money for them, which has happened to some other pictures already, sir, and then----
The Chairman.
Not those that you have given to the Commission?
Mrs. Oswald.
No, sir--but with another----
The Chairman.
Well, I think, Mrs. Oswald. it would serve no purpose for us to debate the matter. I have tried to tell you very frankly, and your lawyer has told you very frankly and correctly, that you have a free choice
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