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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald Resumed)

Mrs. Oswald.
I know we taped one, because we could not copy it.
Mr. Rankin.
Can you read it?
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, "I desire to inform"----
Mr. Rankin.
That is your letter of April 10, 1960?
Mrs. Oswald.
Mr. Rankin.
And who did you send it to?
Mr. Liebeler.
May I say this, Mr. Rankin: We did tape that, and I do have a transcription of it here.
Mrs. Oswald.
"I ask for a stay of action. and I will be willing to act in his behalf."
Mr. Rankin.
Mrs. Oswald, I will hand you what I am asking the reporter to mark as Exhibit 205.
I ask you if Exhibit 205 is a correct transcription of your letter.
Mrs. Oswald.
(The document referred to was marked Commission Exhibit No. 205, for identification.)
Mrs. Oswald.
"I am writing you on behalf of my son. He is out of the country at present, and since I have no contact with him I wish to request a stay of action concerning his discharge. Also, I desire to be informed of the charges against him. Please state reasons for such discharge. After hearing from you, I will be willing to act in his behalf."
So then comes a registered return receipt. addressed only to Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald.
Mr. Rankin.
Now, will you examine the rest of Exhibit 204 and state whether that is the rest of the correspondence in regard to the matter that you know about?
Mrs. Oswald.
This is addressed to me this envelope is addressed to me, that is right, sir.
Mr. Rankin.
And those photostatic copies in Exhibit 204 are all copies of your papers that you furnished to us, so we could make them, is that right?
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, sir, that is correct.
Mr. Rankin.
I offer in evidence Exhibits 204 and 205.
The Chairman.
They may be admitted. with those numbers.
(The documents heretofore marked for identification as Commission Exhibits Nos. 204 and 205 were received in evidence.)
Mrs. Oswald.
I believe, Chief Justice Warren. I am giving information that this Commission did not have before. I do not think they had this return addressee which is important, because after corresponding with me, as Mrs. Marguerite Oswald, they sent the dishonorable discharge in Lee's name, addressee only, when they knew he was out of the country.
I would like to know why.
That is another reason why I think that Lee was probably an agent.
Mr. Rankin.
What do you mean by that. Mrs. Oswald? Could you explain that a little more?
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes. I do not think they wanted me to have the dishonorable discharge.
Again, they wanted me to be upset and tell people about it, but not have the proof of the dishonorable discharge.
Mr. Rankin.
Don't you think it is possible that they felt he was the one involved, and, therefore, they had to get the word directly to him for legal reasons?
Mrs. Oswald.
No, sir, because, legally--I am glad you brought up the point, Mr. Rankin.
Your copies state that anyone can act in your behalf. And I wrote, as I read the copy, that I would be willing to-act in my son's behalf, and I was making arrangements to get money and go there and act in his behalf because I had pertinent information. And they ignored my letter and sent this--yes, sir.
Mr. Rankin.
They may have felt you had not been given authority to act.
Mrs. Oswald.
Well, what they may feel and what they should do--I am saying I am an American citizen, and I have some rights. And when I want to act in behalf of my son, we don't know whether he is living or dead, then I should act in behalf, I should not get a return.
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