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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald Resumed)

Mrs. Oswald.
lecture will be held on Tuesday afternoon 16.00 o'clock, April 19, instead of taking place on the 21st with the arrival day on the 20th. It will mean that the students arrive either on the evening of Monday, the 18th, or before noon on April 19th. This change, however, makes it possible to end the term on the weekend of July 2. We hope that you will still be able to fit this change of dates into your travel plan. Should it not be possible for you to arrive on the earlier date we, of course, understand the difficulty. In the latter case, please drop us a line."
So that is how I knew that Lee I opened his mail. I didn't know whether my son was living or dead, sir. And that is how I knew--I won't go into all this. He made a deposit. I have all of this for you.
He made a deposit. And this is my copies to them.
Now, one thing I have forgotten.
While at the State Department, the State Department told me that Lee had gone to Finland before Russia. And I did not know that.
Now, Lee had applied at a college in Finland, evidently, because on the application it states such a fact. I did not know, because the paper just said he arrived in Russia--until I went to the State Department.
So what I am trying to say--I may be forgetting a lot of important things, because I am just now remembering what the State Department told me.
I don't think I am forgetting too much.
But, after all, I am going through a whole life, and it is very hard.
This is Lee's original application, that you cannot possibly have had. This is the only application there is. So this is something new for you gentlemen. I am not going to go through it all, because you have a copy. But I am going to show you the thinking of this young man.
"Special interests: Religious, vocational, literary, sports, and hobbies. Philosophy, psychology, ideology, football, baseball, tennis, stamp collecting"-Lee had a stamp collecting book. "Nature of private reading: Jack London, Darwin, Norman Vincent Peale, scientific books, philosophy, and so on."
Representative Ford.
That is an application to where?
Mrs. Oswald.
This is an original application for the Albert Schweitzer School.
"Active part taken in organizations. Student body movement in school for control of juvenile delinquency, member YMCA, and AYA association."
I don't know what that is.
Mr. Rankin.
Where did you get this copy?
Mrs. Oswald.
I had contacted Congressman Jim Wright, that has helped me--helped me to locate Lee through the State Department But Mr. Jim Wright was not successful.
I was successful because of my trip to Washington, as you know.
And from the trip to Washington, I went to the building where Mr. Jim Wright worked, and I went in to tell the secretary about the trip to Washington. And that I had heard from Lee.
Well, I had information here that Lee had paid a deposit. So I had written the school and asked if we were entitled to the return of the deposit, since he didn't show up. But I did not get an answer.
So Mr. Wright's secretary said that, "Mrs. Oswald, I will write and see what we can do.
So she wrote, and then they sent the application and everything back to Jim Wright's office. And that is how I got the application.
Mr. Doyle.
They may be interested in knowing where the college is.
Mrs. Oswald.
It is in Switzerland. Albert Schweitzer College, Chur Walden, Graubuenen, Switzerland. "Application Form. High School. Completed high school by correspondence."
I have that. His original correspondence in the service completed high school.
Mr. Rankin.
Is that part of his Marine work--he finished high school that way?
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, sir.
January '58, Passing 65 on scale of 100 B plus. College: None."
And then I read his books.
Now, we go down to here.
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