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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald Resumed)

Mr. Rankin.
And you are saying possibly Marina was involved?
Mrs. Oswald.
Well, exactly what I am trying to say. If I had proof, sir, I would give the proof in an affidavit and this case would be closed, like Mr. Wade said.
But I have as much right to my way of thinking as Mr. Wade has.
Mr. Rankin.
You are saying that possibly the Secret Service agents were involved, too? You don't have any proof of that?
Mrs. Oswald.
That is exactly what I have been trying to say. I have told you how I was treated, which has even me cause for this particular way of thinking--because I believe that my son is innocent. And I think that is the purpose of this Commission, is to hear all witnesses and arrive at a conclusion. Am I not right, gentlemen?
So this is my way of thinking. So grant me my way of thinking. If I am wrong, fine. But you may learn something.
Mr. Rankin.
What about the high official now. Can you tell us who that was?
Mrs. Oswald.
No, sir. I wish I did know. I have my own idea about that. I would rather not--because it is a high official-- I would rather not give a name.
But I have my own very strong suspicions as to the official who he might be.
Mr. Rankin.
We would appreciate your telling us within this group what you think.
Mrs. Oswald.
Fine and I expect to, Mr. Rankin. I am a person that is very outspoken, as you know by now, and I will certainly do that.
But will you grant me the privilege first of finding out the name of the man in the State Department that wrote the letter to Senator Tower, because it is an incorrect--it is incorrect--the whole testimony is incorrect.
Mr. Rankin.
We will get that correspondence for you.
Mrs. Oswald.
All right. I was going to go into something else, but while we are here, I will continue this.
And this, to me, will be in this line. And I think very important to you gentlemen. And you do not have a copy of what I am going to show you. I am the only person that has this copy.
I am sorry to take time, but these were not copied. sir. We sealed them up, and we were going to have them copied this afternoon. But I can get to this particular one. This is the defection. I have much more testimony than this. I have testimony, sir.
Mr. Rankin.
Do you think that you can tell us the name of the high official you spoke about?
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, I think so. And I am going to tell you. But please do not ask me at this particular moment. I do not think this is the proper time for me to--it is just--I have no proof. Understand? As I said, it is my right to think and my analysis of the papers I have. I have papers where I can come to a conclusion, just like you gentlemen are going to have papers and witnesses and come to a conclusion.
Now, this particular instance----
Mr. Dulles.
I wonder if we could not possibly explore that agent matter. 1 am very much interested in that. I cannot be here tomorrow. We laid all the groundwork for that.
The Chairman.
Mr. Dulles would like to know her reasons for believing that he was an agent.
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, sir, I have two very long stories.
Mr. Dulles.
I have to be absent, unfortunately, tomorrow, so I would like very much to have it.
Mr. Rankin.
If you could go into that question, Mrs. Oswald, because Mr. Dulles is not going to be here tomorrow.
Mrs. Oswald.
We have everything just so, and yet when we come here we don't have it. The International Rescue Committee is what I am looking for.
I have also the original application from the Albert Schweitzer coming that you gentlemen do not have.
The Chairman.
Let's stay on one thing, please.
Mrs. Oswald.
All right. I am a little excited now, because I meant to go story by story.
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