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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald Resumed)

Mrs. Oswald.
So at 11 o'clock I called Mr. Mike Howard's home. His wife answered the phone.
I said, "I am very uneasy. I don't have protection. I have been looking for Secret Service men all morning."
I was going out on the porch--I was opening the screen door and going out on the porch. There is a school ground opposite my house. And nobody ever came. I was not under protection.
So she said, "Mrs. Oswald. they have their orders."
I said, "Well, where is Mr. Howard?"
She said, "He is on his way to your home."
This was Saturday, at approximately 11:45. Well, I have it written down. 11:45.
So Mr. Mike Howard when I told him that I was stranded, and could not go out to breakfast, and there was things I needed to do, he realized I was very upset, and I had a legitimate complaint, and he realized I was on my way to Washington.
So in my home he called Mr. Sorrels, who is a special agent in charge of the Secret Service and Mr. Sorrels was not at home. He talked to his daughter. And he said, "It is most important. Would you have him call me?"
So he sat in my home and waited for the call. About half an hour later Mr. Sorrels called.
He said, "Mr. Sorrels, I want to know what to do on this particular case?"
And there was some conversation back and forth. And it went on back and forth conversation.
So I said, "I am getting very upset about not knowing the entire conversation. I want to tell Mr. Sorrels that if he doesn't have the authority, to give me complete protection, I want to know the man over him, so I can get complete protection."
Mr. Mike Howard said, "He heard you, Mrs. Oswald."
So I don't know what went on on the other end of the line.
But Mr. Mike Howard was on the spot.
He said, "Well, Mr. Sorrels, it is this way. She is going to Washington, and Mrs. Oswald wants to go here and wants to go there. And if we are not around to take her, she will certainly complain when she gets to Washington."
So I am assuming now--I am speculating, like 'everybody else that Mr. Sorrels probably could have said, "Well, let her think she has protection," because Mr. Mike Howard had to come back in front of me, to his superior, and say. "That is no good. She might want to go some place, so we have to be here. I want to know what to do."
And then I got protection.
Now, isn't that peculiar-that I am a witness, with important papers, and supposed to be under surveillance, and I am not getting protection?
I would like to know the answer to these things. And Mr. Rankin himself called Mr. Sorrels.
Mr. Rankin.
I talked to Mr. Kelley.
Mrs. Oswald.
I am sorry--but I knew you had placed a call, because Mr. Sorrels called me and said you had placed a call. So why didn't I have complete protection?
There is a lot of "why's." There are a lot of "why's" that have to be answered.
Now, the man last night that met me at the airport-there were two Secret Service men. One of the NBC men, I think it is--I am not quite sure was at the station. He asked me questions, and he knows about all of this, because he was in Fort Worth, Tex.
I would know his name if you would say it. Dave Benoski, I believe it is.
But he asked me a question. He said, "Mrs. Oswald, have you seen your daughter-in-law?"
I said, "No, I have not seen my daughter-in-law since Thanksgiving Day."
"Well, is it the Secret Service who have kept you from seeing your daughter-in-law?"
And I said, "Yes, it is the Secret Service who has kept me from seeing my daughter-in-law."
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