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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald Resumed)

Mrs. Oswald.
this particular agent identified as being to the left of the picture, while the television was on continuously--I have stated before I never did sit down and watch it, because we were quite busy. And this was published in the Star Telegram by Mr. Blair Justice, and also on the radio.
He was very, very rude to me. Anything that I said, he snapped. And I took it for quite a while. At this particular time that they showed the gun on television, I said, "How can they say Lee shot the President? Even though they would prove it is his gun doesn't mean he used it--nobody saw him use it."
He snapped back and he said, "Mrs. Oswald, we know that he shot the President."
I then walked over to Mr. Mike Howard and I said, "What's wrong with that agent? That agent is about to crack. All he has done is taunt me ever since I have been here."
He said, "Mrs. Oswald, he was personal body guard to Mrs. Kennedy for 30 months and maybe he has a little opinion against you."
I said, "Let him keep his personal opinions to himself. He is on a job."
Now, there was another instance with this same agent. He followed Marina around continuously. I'm going to make this plain. He followed Marina around continuously. The pictures will always show him by Marina.
We were in the bedroom, and he was in the bedroom. And we were getting ready for the funeral.
Marina was very unhappy with the dress--they bought her two dresses. "Mama, too long." "Mama, no fit." And it looked lovely on her. You can see I know how to dress properly. I am in the business world as merchandise manager. And the dress looked lovely on Marina. But she was not happy with it.
I said, "Oh, honey, put your coat on, we are going to Lee's funeral. It will be all right."
And we had 1 hour in order to get ready for the funeral.
I said, "We will never make it. Marina is so slow."
She said, "I no slow. I have things to do."
I am trying to impress upon you that Marina understands English, and has always talked broken English.
Now, this agent was in the room and Robert was on the telephone. That is why he was allowed in the bedroom.
While Marina was complaining about her dress, my little grandbaby, 2 years old--and she is a very precious little baby, they are good children--was standing by her mother. And Marina was very nervous by this time. She was not happy with the dress. And Marina was combing her hair. She took the comb and she hit June on the head. I said, "Marina, don't do that." And this agent--I wish I knew his name snapped at me and said, "Mrs. Oswald, you let her alone." I said, "Don't tell me what to say to my daughter-in-law when she was hitting my grandbaby on the head with a comb" in front of Robert Oswald. Now, why did this man do these things?
Mr. Rankin.
Are you saying that the agent did anything improper, as far as Marina was concerned?
Mrs. Oswald.
Now, what do you mean when you say improper?
Mr. Rankin.
Was there any improper relationship between them, as far as you know?
Mrs. Oswald.
No. I am saying--and I am going to say it as strongly as can--that I--and I have stated this from the beginning--that I think our trouble in this is in our own Government. And I suspect these two agents of conspiracy with my daughter-in-law in this plot.
The Chairman.
With who?
Mrs. Oswald.
With Marina and Mrs. Paine the two women. Lee was set up, and it is quite possible these two Secret Service men are involved.
Mr. Rankin.
Which ones are you referring to?
Mrs. Oswald.
Mr. Mike Howard and the man that I did not--did not know the name, the man in the picture to the left. I have reason to think so because I was at Six Flags and these are just some instances that happened--I have much more stories to tell you of my conclusions. I am not a detective, and I
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