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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald)

Mrs. Oswald.
I cried, and said, "Marina, Lee has been shot."
So Marina went into the chief of police's at Irving home, to call Mrs. Paine, to get the diapers and things ready. They decided and told us, with me in the car and Marina, that it would not be a good thing for us to go to Mrs. Paine's home and get these things, that Marina should go in the chief of police's home and call and tell Mrs. Paine what she wanted.
And one or two of the agents would go and get the things for Marina.
So I am sitting in the car with the agent. Marina is in the home now--remember.
So something comes over the mike, and the Secret Service agent says, "Do not repeat. Do not repeat."
I said, "My son is gone isn't he?"
And he didn't answer.
I said, "Answer me. I want to know. If my son is gone, I want to meditate."
He said, "Yes, Mrs. Oswald, your son has just expired."
Mr. Rankin.
Now, which agent told you this?
Mrs. Oswald.
This is the agent that was also now sent to me to protect me in Fort Worth, Tex.--Mr. Mike Howard, who was the agent that rode in the car with President Johnson, who was the agent that was at Six Flags, that was in charge, who was the agent that was assigned to protect Baine Johnson at the dormitory. He is also the same agent that was sent to protect me in Fort Worth, Tex.
Mr. Rankin.
Now, who was the other agent that was with you that day? Was there another Secret Service agent with you?
Mrs. Oswald.
He went into the home he escorted Marina into the chief of police's home, and I do not know his name. And he is not the other agent that I want to know the name of.
Wait just a minute.
I don't know this man's name. But he is not the other agent that is involved.
Mr. Rankin.
Now, about what time on that Sunday did you learn of your son's death?
Mrs. Oswald.
Well, now, here is your time element. I said Robert and Mr. Gregory and the Secret Service were there approximately from 11:30. And I knew nothing about the shooting. And then we had to go to Irving and everything. Then they told us Lee was shot. So now we are bringing up to the time it all fits in--which was 1 o'clock or 1:30.
As a matter of fact, then when I got the news, I went into the home, and I said, "Marina, our boy is gone."
We both cried. And they were all watching the sequence on television. The television was turned to the back, where Marina and I could not see it. They sat us on the sofa, and his wife gave us coffee. And the back of the television was to us. And the men and all, a lot of men were looking at the television. It probably just happened, because the man said, "Do not repeat." And I insisted.
They gave us coffee.
And then it later came out in the paper that--a story about the chief of police, how it was set up for the women, that we should not know.
We were to go to his house. There was a story about that from this chief of police of Irving.
Mr. Rankin.
What paper is that?
Mrs. Oswald.
The Star Telegram paper.
All of my papers were taken out of my home by Secret Service men. While at Six Flags, they saved the papers for me. We would not let the maids take the papers. And I brought all of those papers from the Six Flags, from the very beginning, to my home in Fort Worth, Tex. And every piece of paper out of my home was taken. So I did not--believe me, gentlemen, this seems strange, but it was 2 weeks later before I saw the picture of the way my son was shot.
Mr. Blair Justice of the Star Telegram gave me the back issues of papers. And it wasn't until then that I actually knew the tragedy, how my son was shot. Because they took all the papers, all my clippings and everything. I was left stranded, without any papers. And until Mr. Blair Justice brought me these
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