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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald)

Mrs. Oswald.
I said, "Frankly, I don't. We are three couples. I don't know which name they used."
So she told me that the room was registered under Mrs. Allen Grant, which is the name of the Life representative. So I charged and signed. And they would have that for proof--Mrs. Alien Grant, on the food.
Mr. Rankin.
Why did you say three couples?
Mrs. Oswald.
I just said that to the operator, because I had to give her a reason why I didn't know which name the room was registered under.
So I just wanted to elaborate a little bit--let her know. I didn't want to give my name. Because I was by this time a little concerned about the situation.
During the night I thought--"We are in a position here, I am in a position with a Russian girl and two babies, and I just don't know what to do."
I had no contact with Robert. Robert was trying to get an attorney. And I didn't know if Robert knew where we were. And I did not want to call Mrs. Paine. I wanted to stay clear of Mrs. Paine.
So this is a very unusual coincidence.
Now, I have to go back a little bit. But, believe me, gentlemen, the story will get together for you to understand.
About 1 month prior to this, there was an ad in a Fort Worth paper that the public library was going to have language lessons, and one was Russian classes.
Well, I then, as I told you--I was employed for the 3 to 11 shift. And I was getting a day off. And this would have been a steady job because this woman was not that sick, just an invalid.
So I decided on my day off I wanted to do something. So I decided I would call up about it, and on my day off make Tuesday my day off and take up Russian in case because I had always hoped in my heart that Marina and Lee would contact me some day. After all, I am a mother first.
So I went to the library. And Mr. Peter Gregory was the instructor.
Now, you must remember--I did not know that he knew Marina and Lee. This is public notice for the Russian language.
So Mr. Peter Gregory is the instructor.
I went to the second class. My car broke down just one block from the library, and I had to have it towed, and I went to the class. And Mr. Peter Gregory was there, and several of the women waiting for his classes to start. I said I don't imagine I will learn anything, because my car has broken down and I am pretty upset. And Mr. Gregory said, "Where do you live, Mrs. Oswald?
Maybe I could help you and take you home." And the other couple said, "We would be happy".
And I said I live in Arlington Heights. And he happens to live about 10 blocks away.
Now, I have to go back.
The point I am going to make is this: Mr. Peter Gregory is the engineer who knew my son Robert, who was friends with Lee and Marina. Yet when I registered for a class, and the librarian had come back down before the class, and read off the names of the people that were going to take the Spanish lesson, isn't it peculiar that Mr. Gregory did not remember me as the mother of Lee didn't acknowledge me as the mother of Lee? I find that very peculiar.
Even the second lesson, there was no acknowledgment.
So I went home with Mr. Peter Gregory. And there was still no acknowledgment.
So we were talking about the Russian language, that it is very hard to learn. And I said, "I am sure I will never master it." And I thought I think I will tell him why I want to take lessons is because of my Russian daughter-in-law, and my son speaks Russian. But I didn't do it.
But I am going to point out again that Mr. Gregory did not acknowledge me.
I am going to give and take. Maybe he didn't connect me. But it would seem very odd--Mrs. Marguerite Oswald was the name that he didn't connect as Marina's mother-in-law and Lee's mother, when he was such a friend with them.
Mr. Rankin.
I am not clear as to what lessons you were taking.
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