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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald)

Mrs. Oswald.
were taking me. And it was just a regular--the home was a living room and a hall and a bedroom and kitchen, and we were all going around in circles.
And the photographer was taking pictures, until finally I became indignant, and said, "I have had it. Now, find out what accommodations you can make for us, for my daughter-in-law and I so that we can be in Dallas to help Lee, and let me know in the morning."
So they left.
However, about an hour later there was a telephone call to Mrs. Paine from a Life representative. I know by her conversation who she was talking to.
Mr. Rankin.
Who was that?
Mrs. Oswald.
One of the men either Allen Grant or Tommy Thompson.
And after the conversation, I said to her, "Was that one of the Life representatives?
And she said, "Oh, yes, he just was a little upset about what happened." So I got no information there.
The Chairman.
Would you like to take a short recess, Mrs. Oswald?
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, I am getting thirsty.
The Chairman.
Suppose we do. We will take one for about 10 minutes.
(Brief recess.)
The Chairman.
The Commission will be in order. Mrs. Oswald, you may continue with your statement.
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, sir. Now, we are in Mrs. Paine's home yet.
The Chairman.
Yes. This is on the day of the assassination?
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, sir--the 22d, Friday, the 22d.
I am worried because Lee hasn't had an attorney. And I am talking about that, and Mrs. Paine said, "Oh, don't worry about that. I am a member of the Civil Liberties Union, and Lee will have an attorney, I can assure you."
I said to myself but when? Of course, I didn't want to push her, argue with her. But the point was if she was a member of the Union, why didn't she see Lee had an attorney then. So I wasn't too happy about that.
Now, gentlemen, this is some very important facts.
My daughter-in-law spoke to Mrs. Paine in Russian, "Mamma." she says. So she takes me into the bedroom and closes the door. She said, "Mamma, I show you." She opened the closet, and in the closet was a lot of books and papers. And she came out with a picture a picture of Lee, with a gun.
It said, "To my daughter June"-written in English.
I said, "Oh, Marina, police." I didn't think anything of the picture.
Now, you must understand that I don't know what is going on on television--I came from the jailhouse and everything, so I don't know all the circumstances, what evidence they had against my son by this time. I had no way of knowing. But I say to my daughter, "To my daughter. June." anybody can own a rifle, to go hunting. You yourself probably have a rifle. So I am not connecting this with the assassination--"To my daughter, June." Because I would immediately say, and I remember--I think my son is all agent all the time no one is going to be foolish enough if they mean to assassinate the President, or even murder someone to take a picture of themselves with that rifle, and leave that there for evidence.
So, I didn't think a thing about it. And it says "To my daughter, June." I said, "The police," meaning that if the police got that, they would use that against my son, which would be a natural way to think.
She says, "You take, Mamma."'
"Yes, Mamma, you take."
I said, "No, Marina. Put back in the book." So she put the picture back in the book. Which book it was, I do not know.
So the next day, when we are at the courthouse this is on Saturday-she--we were sitting down, waiting to see Lee. She puts her shoe down, she says, "Mamma, picture." She had the picture folded up in her shoe.
Now, I did not see that it was the picture. but I know that it was, because she told me it was, and I could see it was folded up. It wasn't open for me to see. I said, "Marina." Just like that. So Robert came along and he says,
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