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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald)

Mrs. Oswald.
I had Acme Brick call Robert to give him the news, and Robert called me, and he had not heard his brother was picked up.
Now, Robert is in Denton. So I called the Star Telegram, and asked that--if they could possibly have someone escort me to Dallas, because I realized I could not drive to Dallas. And they did. They sent two men to escort me to Dallas.
The name of one is Bob Shieffer, the other name I will have for you gentlemen.
Mr. Rankin.
Who are those? Are those reporters?
Mrs. Oswald.
Star Telegram reporters, sent by the Star Telegram editor to escort me to Dallas.
Now, upon arriving in Dallas, I did not ask-I did not want to talk to the police. I asked specifically to talk to FBI agents. My wish was granted, I was sent into a room. I have to backtrack my story.
The policemen do not know I am here "I want to talk to FBI agents."
Mr. Rankin.
What time of the day is this?
Mrs. Oswald.
This is approximately 3:30. So I am escorted into an office, and two Brown FBI agents, they are brothers, I understand, and there was another man that I do not know the name.
Mr. Rankin.
By that you mean their names were Brown?
Mrs. Oswald.
Their names were Brown. And I have the correct names, also. But we were in this room, and I told them who I was. And I said, "I want to talk with you gentlemen because I feel like my son is an agent of the government, and for the security of my country, I don't want this to get out."
But, first, I said to them, "I want to talk to FBI agents from Washington."
"Mrs. Oswald, we are from Washington, we work with Washington."
I said, "I understand you work with Washington. But I want officials from Washington," and I believed they would be in town because of protecting the President.
I said, "I do not want local FBI men. What I have to say I want to say to Washington men."
Of course they wanted the news. They said, "Well, we work through Washington."
I said, "I know you do. But I would like Washington men."
So I had no choice.
Mr. Rankin.
Did you tell them why you thought he was an agent?
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, sir. I am coming to this.
So I said, "I have information that"--I told him who I was.
I said, "For the security of my country, I want this kept perfectly quiet until you investigate. I happen to know that the State Department furnished the money for my son to return back to the United States, and I don't know if that would be made public what that would involve, and so please will you investigate this and keep this quiet."
Of course that was news to them.
They left me sitting in the office.
And I also told them that Congressman Jim Wright knew about this.
"You can be sure we will question Jim Wright."
And I gave them the names of the four men I had talked with while in Washington.
Would you like those four names now?
Mr. Rankin.
Mrs. Oswald.
One is Mr. Boster, who was special counsel in charge of Soviet affairs.
One was Mr. Stanfield. I should know the names.
Well, gentlemen, Mr. Doyle will see that I give you the names of these men. I had it in a little card and carried it all these years from my Washington trip and gave it to the FBI men to investigate.
So they left me.
Mr. Rankin.
When you say you understand that the State Department paid your son's way back from the Soviet Union----
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Rankin.
Did you ever learn that that was a loan?
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