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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald)

Mrs. Oswald.
And that is why it is important to call him. That is what I am trying to say, Chief Justice Warren. These others will know this part of any story, give you the facts.
I am assuming it is Mr. Peter Gregory's wife that started these lessons. But Marina was taking English lessons.
Now, they lived at a corner house, and there is Carol Street, and opposite Carol Street is a parking lot for Montgomery Ward. They live approximately two blocks from Montgomery Ward. So I had gone by, as I am stating, several times. You have to understand--this is just 6 or 7 weeks that they are in this home.
Mr. Rankin.
You say "they." I am sorry to interrupt.
Mrs. Oswald.
Marina and Lee, in this home.
Then Marina was not home. I could not understand where so fast that they could have so many friends, that this Russian girl didn't speak English and know her way about, could be gone all day long. That worried me.
So I sat in the car on Montgomery Ward's parking lot, where I could see the house, because I wanted to see who Marina was going to come home with.
The door was open. I went in the house and no one was there.
By this time, I was wondering how she could be gone all the time, being a stranger in town.
I sat in the car all day long. She didn't show up.
Finally, I went home, had my supper, left my apartment, and on the way going back to the house Lee was leaving Montgomery Ward.
Now, they did not have a phone. I am just assuming-this is not a fact--that Lee went to a telephone trying to locate his wife, because I was coming from Montgomery Ward. He got in the car with me, and we had about a block to go. I entered the home with Lee, and I said, "Lee where is Marina?" Of course, I knew that she wasn't home, because I had stayed in the car all day.
He said, "Oh, I guess she is out with some friends."
"Would you like me to fix your supper?"
"No, she will probably be home in time to fix my supper?"
So I left. I am not going to interfere in their married life. But I did offer to fix him supper. And I went back to make sure Marina still wasn't home.
I walked in the home with my son.
So approximately 2 days later--not approximately, but 2 days later I went to the home and my son was reading, he read continuously--in the living room, and Marina was in the bedroom, I could not see Marina. And I said to Lee, "Tell Marina, I am here."
Marina made no appearance.
So I went into the bedroom, and she was nursing June with her head down. And I started to talk. And she still had her head down. And I came around to the front and I saw Marina with a black eye.
Now, gentlemen, I don't think any man should hit his wife, as is stated in the paper, or beat his wife. But I will say this. There may be times that a woman needs to have a black eye. I am not condoning the act. But I strongly am saying that this girl was not home. And this man was working. And I saw, myself, that this man came home and didn't have any food. This couple doesn't have a maid or anyone to give this working man food. And I think it was her duty to be home and have his supper ready.
That is a little thing, maybe. But to me it shows the character of what I am trying to bring out.
And so there may have been reasons that the children fought. And I also know that many, many couples fight, of our finest people, because I made it clear before that I have worked in these very fine homes, and have seen very fine people fight. I have seen a gentleman strike his wife in front of me. We know this happens. It is not a nice thing to do. But it happens in our finest homes. I am not condoning the act. But I am telling you that there probably was reasons, we will say. The woman has a black eye, and he is a louse he gave her a black eye, but we must consider why did he give her a black eye. We always must consider the second aspect of the case.
Mr. Rankin.
Did she take the baby with her when you looked----
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, sir, she took-always the baby was with her.
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