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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald)

Mrs. Oswald.
Robert's wife. And Robert's wife's sister, who is a schoolteacher, bought clothes for Marina.
Mr. Rankin.
Is she married?
Mrs. Oswald.
No. She is a schoolteacher. She is single.
So that story there is incorrect.
So then I went back to Crowell, Tex., and I was not satisfied in my mind because the way they lived. They only had a two- bedroom house. As you know, Robert has two children. And there was another couple with another child.
So Lee immediately began looking for work.
So I decided that I would quit this job and help the children all I could. So I did. I gave notice. And I came to Fort Worth, and I rented an apartment at the Rotary Apartments, which is on West 7th and Summit. And Lee and Marina then came to live with me.
Mr. Rankin.
How long did they stay at Robert's?
Mrs. Oswald.
They stayed at Robert's approximately 2 or 3 weeks, sir. So then they came to live with me.
While there, I said to Lee I am ahead of my story.
Lee and Marina had sent me wonderful gifts, and I have the gifts, from Russia. A box of tea, very fine tea, a Russian scarf, pure linen napkins, embroidered with my initial, a box of candy for Christmas that has a Russian Santa Claus on it.
I said to Lee, "Lee, I want to know one thing. Why is it you decided to return back to the United States when you had a job in Russia, and as far as I know you seemed to be pretty well off, because of the gifts that you have sent me. And you are married to a Russian girl, and she would be better off in her homeland than here. I want to know."
He said, "Mother, not even Marina knows why I have returned to the United States.
And that is all the information I ever got out of my son.
"Not even Marina knows why I have returned to the United States."
Mr. Rankin.
How did you get along when you were there together with Marina and your son?
Mrs. Oswald.
Well, that was a very happy month, Mr. Rankin. Marina was very happy. She had the best home, I believe, that she had ever had. And Lee I was taking Lee out to work every morning, looking for work, through the unemployment commission, and ads in the paper. And I was taking care of the baby and doing the cooking, and Marina was helping clean up. And she would wash the dishes. And Lee and Marina would go for long walks every afternoon, and I would take care of the baby. Marina would sing around the house, and watch the television and comment on different programs, programs that she had seen in Russia.
She knew--there was a picture with Gregory Peck. and she said. "Mama, I know Gregory Peck."
And she was singing Santa Lucia.
And here again in my stupidity, I said to Lee, "Lee, she knows English, she is singing Santa Lucia."
He said, "Mother, that is an international song."
Marina was very happy, and I was very happy to have the children.
And Lee desperately looked for work.
He was offered several good jobs from the State Employment Office of Texas. One in particular, I remember he said that he regretted not getting the job, but they told him because his wife was not an American citizen. that they would not be able to hire him.
He met obstacles all the way.
This one particular woman at the Texas employment agency took an interest in Lee and went out all the way to give Lee clues for jobs. And I, myself, took Lee job-hunting every day.
And it is through the employment office that he became employed 3 weeks later, after he was in my home, by the Leslie Manufacturing Co. in Fort Worth, which is a sheetmetal place.
Mr. Rankin.
Now, while Marina was living with you there, and your son, and the little baby--
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