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This section is closed, no more entries can be submitted. It seems to be impossible to establish a serious and neutral discussion, without any assaults, harrasments, blames etc. Interesting enough, 99 percentages of those disturbances were caused by defenders of the Lone Assassin Theory. I am tired of editing and filtering blames and accusations after 15 years.

Sorry for this. Keep asking questions! One day, they will be heard...


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On 28-Jan-2009, Linda wrote:

I imagine they did hear quite a bit on that fifth floor, because the film by Charles Bronson, Dallas resident, shows movement in 3 windows simultaneously of the sixth floor of the depository seconds before the shooting, proving there were at least 3 people on that floor. 90 seconds after the assassination LHO was spotted on the second floor lunchroom, coke in hand, half full. A police officer, gun drawn, asked building manager Roy Truly if the man worked there and he said yes. So, Oswald got off all those precision shots in less than 6 seconds, scattered shell casings around, stashed the rifle, ran down 4 flights of stairs, bought a coke, and drank half of it in 90 seconds. Amazing feat.

On 26-Jan-2009, Mark wrote:

There is a mountain of evidence that Oswald was the sole shooter and only speculation to the contrary without a shred of good evidence that could stand in court.

Did you people who believe in the conspiracy theory ever watch the Zapruder film carefully? At frame 314 Kennedy's head moves FORWARD for a fraction of a second, in reaction to what was probably the third and final shot, before the body moves backward and to the left. Consistent with a shot from the back.

Further, Zapruder film shows a wound to the front right of the cranium and Zapruder himself testified and even demonstrated on TV the spot where the wound was. Most of Parkland staff testified that the wound was at the front and not at the back.

Have those who claim that Zapruder film is altered ever try to alter an 8mm? It is pretty difficult even with our modern technology. There is no evidence coming from any serious source to claim that Zapruder film was altered. Even more so as it matches perfectly both with the photographs and with witness' statements.

Oh, btw, more than 50% of the witnesses claimed the shots came from the Depository building (including Governor Connally himself). The Altgens photo even shows the Secret Service AND Connally turn towards the depository building.Not to mention those on the 5th floor who heard the empty cartridges fall on the floor and the man across the building who actually saw Oswald with the gun.

Did anyone ever see a shooter on the "Grassy Knoll"? Even Jean Hill who later claimed she had originally told the police that she saw nobody. Likewise, Ed Hoffmann originally did not mention any weapon.

On 24-Jan-2009, Linda wrote:

Veritas, the people you speak of are known as internet "trolls". They go on all the jfk research websites trying to pull the same BS. The same thing usually happens, they get away with it for awhile, then their stories begin to fall apart and their lies exposed. They are basically doing the same thing that the CIA spooks were doing in the 60's, they try and intimidate anyone and everyone who does not adhere to the lone gunman theory.

For some real good, well researched info check out Black Op radio, interview archives. There was an interview a few weeks ago with a well known jfk expert and researcher. He basically gave a timeline of everything that happened to JFK's body after his death at Parkland. Heard some stuff on that interview that I had never heard before.

On 22-Jan-2009, veritas wrote:

as far as oswald acting alone, the house of representatives in the HSCA investigation released finally in 1979 would disagree with you. that is the US House of Representatives House Select Committee on Assassinations. they concluded two shooters at the very least, one likely on the grassy knoll.

On 22-Jan-2009, veritas wrote:

steve is underinformed on this issue. this is another example of 'cia instructions to media assets' document. the only thing in question is the exact names of the shooters. oswald did not shoot jfk. beware posters who claim to scatter conspiracy minded folks to the wind. they are paid to do it, to confuse and hide the truth. search for the truth and you will find it. do not believe those who heap abuse on the JFK film. they know that this is a good starting point for research, and discrediting it ahead of time is the only tool they have.

On 17-Jan-2009, Linda wrote:


I meant to say that people could plainly see in the Z film that the President was hit from the front right. Sorry for the error.

On 16-Jan-2009, Linda wrote:

Had it not been for the New Orleans Garrison trial in 1969 there is so much we still would not know. Because of District Attorney Garrison's status, he was able to get access to alot of witnesses, and subpoena information, like the subpoena for the Zapruder Film. The fact that he got his hands on that film changed the course of history and the investigation. People could plainly see that the President was hit from behind. It was right there in living color. He also was able to get the testimony of Dr. Humes, one of the autopsy doctors who testified under oath at the trial that others were ordering them around in the autopsy room. Regarding the deaths of witnesses, the numbers alone were one of the main reasons for convening the House Select Committe on Assassinations. That and new ballistics information, along with the story of Rose Cheramie. Google her name and you will see that her character's story in JFK is absolutely true complete with documentation. It was re-investigated later, her story was completely corroborated. She was with a group of men who said they were going to kill the President before it happened. There was a fight and she was thrown out of the car and hospitalized.

On 15-Jan-2009, memphis wrote:

i'm watching JFK with Kevin costner and have been researching all the theroies for years and honestly after reading everything, chatting, looking at both sides and being a gunsmith i do not believe there is no way that any story fits completely everyone has holes but still there is NO way that it was one shooter. Plus there is no way to trust an autopsy that has holes and takes that long or that gets changed to fit a story. If by some act of wonder the autopsy was correct why did it take so long and why was the file so secret. Every other event that has happened is leaked out but this has taken more years then a full degree in every subject to get ahold of amd they are blurry or look like someone used a cheap copier. Then why was it that everybody that testified that could be used as a creditable witness happens to die soon there after or disappears. these are just my thoughts and i would love ur imput. thanks for reading.

On 11-Jan-2009, Linda wrote:


In order to get the truth you have to refer to the first people to see the President's body after the assassination and that was the doctors at Parkland Hospital. They never wavered in their opinons of what happened to the President. There were about a dozen of them, there was also a nurse who was interviewed who was present in Trauma Room One. If you watch The Men Who Killed Kennedy, and Robert Groden's film on the assassination medical evidence you should get a pretty clear picture of what his injuries were, and how things were covered up, tampered with, x-rays were falsified, and medical witnesses statements were twisted around by the Warren Commission. And most important of all, the "autopsy" at Bethesda Naval Hospital that wasn't really an autopsy at all but a staged production with the CIA and covert people actually directing the pathologists in their procedure. When in history have you ever heard of a murder where not only was law enforcement allowed to be present at the autopsy of the victim, but actually were telling the medical pathologist how to conduct the autopsy??? The answer is: This has never happened in the history of murders or autopsies anywhere at any time. Yet it happened in the death of a President.

On 09-Jan-2009, Jasmine wrote:

John F. Kennedy is by far my favorite President. Though I never got to see him in office or in that case at all. He was presdent long before my time.

His assassination was completely to me a setup. The Oswald, and "Grassy Knoll" guy suspiscion I dont think is true. I believe that Oswald didnt kill President Kennedy.

From pictures that ive seen Oswald was supposly behind Kennedy when the shots went off, but if you look closely you can see that one shot came from the side which hit his throat. But the other shot that hit him, looks like the bullet came out from the back left side of his head. In order for that to happen you have to have someone shoot him from the front of him.

I love learning about history, and especially about JFK, so when this came to my attention i really wanted to know if im right. And to my understanding everyone else is lying based on facts that are proven by sight not what they've heard.

On 03-Jan-2009, Linda wrote:

I have read that a number of bullets and shell casings have been found in the Dealey Plaza area since the assassination. Mostly by contractors doing remodelling, roofing, and other construction. Makes one wonder which ones might have been connected. I imagine at least some were turned over to Dallas police, never to be seen or heard from again.

On 01-Jan-2009, Coach wrote:

After getting back from Dallas and visiting the 6th Floor.....and talking with many people........I find the following very interesting:

1) LBJ

2) The mob and Cuba (link Jack R)

3) The CIA

4) The Building across the street (gun shell found)

5) All the little things....the speed of the car.....the umbrella...the thrust of the President's head with the hits...the witnesses (deaths)....especially Dorothy Kilgallen........many things...many myysteries........that Americans should finally know and especially the Kennedy family........

On 26-Dec-2008, Linda wrote:

The General Walker "assasination attempt"-----more CIA fun and games.

Take a look at the link below. This is from an article about said assassination attempt. Look at the photo, "Oswald" is on the right. Take a good close look! Does this look like the same Oswald that was arrested on Nov. 22, 1963 and himself murdered 2 days later? It is indeed not even the same man. There were two Oswalds people. The one who took the rap for the assassination was set up plain and simple. Read how this was done in the book by John Armstrong.

On 24-Dec-2008, Rod wrote:

I find it interesting that Oswald (if indeed guily) would stick around in the supposed snipers nest long enough to fire 3 shots before fleeing. Uncovered during the investigation was testimony that when he supposedly tried to assassinate that General he fired one shot and fleed. Not knowing if he even hit him.

On 16-Dec-2008, Nino wrote:

I was scheduled to deiver a speech on a college campus showing the film.>Communism on the map..when the shooting was reported,I received a call from the political science pres.stating my talk was cancelled.the campus was in an uproar,,they felt it was a 'right winger who did it! calls every 15 min.kept telling me,warning me to not report for my life was in danger..finally within the hour when Lee was caught and with his request for John Abt,a commie lawyer plus his marxist background it was figured I and my anti-commie friends were inocent..and so the speech was delivered on the date listed..if Officer Tippet had not given his life,riots and assassinations would have resulted all over america to anti-communists and a dictatorship would have been here earier..In the communist worker they asked for a commission headed by Warren and they got it. They also headed an ad announcing the 40th anniversery of the worker with the words..RuBy,a precious gem...enough said..Nino

On 10-Dec-2008, Linda wrote:

I believe Black Dog man was a key figure in the assassination. There is a photo or film still I believe that Robert Groden had that showed Black Dog man from a different angle and it clearly looked like he had a rifle. The "policeman", man in the hardhat, and Black Dog man all disappeared within seconds of the fatal shot, never to be seen or heard from again. The gentleman in the military uniform in the Moorman photo was a Mr. Gordon. For years no one believed his story of being there until the Moorman photo surfaced.

Also regarding photos, check out the Zapruder stills on this site and many others. Ever notice that at the moment of the fatal shot and just before when you look at the spectators in the background, they are looking behind the President, not at him. I find this very suspicious. You don't wait for hours to see the President and then when he passes right in front of you and is shot at the same time, look down the street in the other direction. There is much more evidence that points to alteration of the Z film.

On 09-Dec-2008, Dave Osterberg wrote:

RE: Moorman Photo.

Your caption for the Moorman photo lists Badgeman and "Black dog man" as being behind the picket fence. To correct this, "Black dog man" was not behind the fence. In other photos taken that day by (I believe it was) Willis and Muchmore to name two, Black dog man appears in front of the fence, behind the cement wall next to the stairs. Later an empty pop-bottle was found there. Badgeman was photograghed with a man with a hardhat (as the story goes) and a man in uniform who has come forward and I can't think of his name at this moment but his story was related in "the men who killed Kennedy" documentary.

Hope this helps

On 07-Dec-2008, Kevin wrote:

I have read some entries here on feedback.... I want to respond on Theories of who LHO really was. I believe he was a patriotic man, who wanted to do whatever he could to help his country. I suspect he was a low level operative, involved with working with and organizing anti Castro Cuban refugees in 1962 and 1963, but I also suspect he was reporting to the local FBI agent on what was happening in those CIA operations, cause J. Edgar Hoover had to know and was trying to pay for information of the covert knowledge of the Agency. I suspect when his Cia handler found he was sharing his knowledge to Hoover, he was picked as the "patsy" when the formation of the assassination became a ongoing plan, hence the "sheep dipping" process of Lee had begun.

On 06-Dec-2008, Linda wrote:

Unfortunately, there are now many great lies to uncover. There was a trilogy of assassinations in the 60's and we were not told the truth about any of them.

Many believe there are also other great lies like what happened at Roswell, the moon landing lingering questions, the death of JFK Jr, TWA 800, many suspicious deaths of politicians like Paul Wellstone, the death of Vincent Foster and now 9/11 and the anthrax attacks.

If you look closely there are extreme similarities in all of these cases. An event happens, orchestrated by a shadow government, the press and media are immediately hijacked and given a script to go by. Americans hear the same messages and see the same images repeatedly............3 shots were fired, 18 Saudi pilots with boxcutters, it was a weather balloon, it was pilot

error, it was a crazed bio scientist who then committed suicide.

All evidence is immediately whisked away and hidden or gotten rid of. People are threatened and mysterious deaths occur of people who get too close to the truth. Film, audiotape, and images of the original events become unavailable and are seldom seen in the media again.

In this instant information age that we have now, we have a great advantage. People are waking up and taking notice, they are looking at the evidence again, they are watching the films again. They are consulting experts in every field. Evidence isn't adding up in many of them. Yet our own government refuses to budge, investigations are never re-opened. The big lies are allowed to live on. The misinformation campaign about many events continues clandestinely, many times on the internet where it is easy to hide behind a pseudonym.

Just when someone gets close to the truth about one of them, we seem to instantaneously experience a new national crisis, be it national security, the economy, some perceived international threat. Conveniently timed all of them.

When you look at it closely what it looks like is the kind of stuff that goes on in third world countries and Russia. Only this isn't a third world country or Russia.

We claim to be fighting against the very things that have been happening right here in our own country. We go halfway around the world to fight weapons of mass destruction and we have bioterror hatched and delivered right here in the USA, no questions asked.

We have allowed our elected officials to run amok, committing murder, fraud,

looting our treasury, violating the Constitution right and left and shredding our civil rights. Did we not start a revolution and a new nation in answer to this tyranny and these same kinds of crimes?

We demonstrated as a nation in this last election that we can and will effect change when our leaders refuse to listen to us.

We now must take this to the next level and expose people who committed crimes and acts of treason against this nation after having pledged an oath to protect it against all enemies foreign and domestic. They must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law no matter who they were or how high the office right up to the Presidency.

If we let it all ride, we will continue to revisit this again and again while we slowly watch the demise of this great country.

"The only thing needed for evil to survive is for good men to do nothing."

On 05-Dec-2008, Kevin wrote:

I am 56 yrs old and have believed for decades that the American public has accepted Government lies concerning the JFK assassination. It worries me that folks my age , who experienced this "Great Lie", actually believe the accounts published by the Government Agencies. Only when mass numbers of Americans unite and demand the truth, will we get any known facts. There are still many alive who know what really happened, and I wish we could get it done. JFK was probably not the man that he was made out to be, and why the powers to be had to eliminate him via political assassination is a mystery to be discovered. What can we do as Americans to get it done. I am even typing this on a German site!! Shame on us for letting it happen !!

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