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This section is closed, no more entries can be submitted. It seems to be impossible to establish a serious and neutral discussion, without any assaults, harrasments, blames etc. Interesting enough, 99 percentages of those disturbances were caused by defenders of the Lone Assassin Theory. I am tired of editing and filtering blames and accusations after 15 years.

Sorry for this. Keep asking questions! One day, they will be heard...


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On 17-Jun-2006, Paul May wrote:

Conspiracy theories are so absorbing. Although not one iota of proof of conspiracy has surfaced in 43 + years, the beat goes on. According to ALL conspiracy theorists, those investigating this crime were either "keystone kops" or "evil geniuses". Can't have it both ways. Unfortunately most CT's look at isolated pieces of evidence and reach absurd conclusions. What they do NOT have is a deep understanding of Lee Harvey Oswald. People, we're talking about a government incapble of fixing the roads in the U.S. and you believe they're capable of covering up the murder of the century? 85% of Americans believe in conspiracy in this case. 400 years ago, the earths population thought the world was flat. While polls can reveal cultural trends, the truth does not have to be believed.

On 11-Jun-2006, Julien Hill wrote:

William Greer shot jfk, look at the video he turns around and shoots him in the head!

On 10-Jun-2006, nilesh wrote:

A doubtfully John F Kennedy is the most popular person on this planet for which people around the world are very sad and there eyes are tearful for the assassination of this great leader . Defiantly today we would reading the more perfect History if he was alive

On 09-Jun-2006, holland wrote:

Lee harvy Oswald was only a patsy nothing more.It was james files who did it with the fireball.go to and you will see what a dutch person also where i come from solved the murder.

On 05-Jun-2006, RMB wrote:

Well James Files was considered to be one of the three tramps arrested in Dealy Plaza that day.

Iam not sure if that was to cover-up what they didnt want the public to know or if he was really involoved and got released later on.

It was obvious to me that they weren't really tramps just by looking how they were dressed.

I still believe Nixon had some role in it as he hated the Kennedys and he had a motive for wanting him dead.

Theres also new evidence out there showing that the FBI found a second gun that day in Dealy Plaza and they refused to bring it out. Hoover disliked JFK as well and he had good reason to coverup any evidence found.

On 05-Jun-2006, JDH wrote:

I thought people checking this board would be interested in seeing this.

Analysis of FBI Documents regarding second gun found in Dealy Plaza 11-23-63 - by Bill Adams 8/14/93

This document refers to three FBI documents which are included in the 38REVOL.TXT text file in this forum.



0730 - Revolver found in bag in Dealy Plaza.

Between 11/23/63 0730 and 11/29/63 0858

- WA, DL, PH appear to already have known about revolver**.


0858 - DL sends teletype to WA asking BS to check with S&W***.

0858 - DL sends teletype to BS asking BS to check with S&W***.

0901 - BS ack DL teletype***.

0902 - WS ack DL teletype. (filed as: FBI WA #62-109060-485)(see doc1 38revol.txt)

1232 - BS sends teletype to PH (and to ???) asking ??**.

12xx - PH ack BS teletype**.

1548 - PH sends teletype to WA asking ??**.

1548 - PH sends teletype to DL asking ??**.

1548 - PH sends teletype to SI asking ??**.

15xx - WA ack PH teletype**.

15xx - DL ack PH teletype**.

15xx - SI ack PH teletype**.

1810 - BS sends teletype to PH (and ???) asking ??**.

2221 - PH sends teletype to WA asking SI to contact Rock Island Arsenal***.

2221 - PH sends teletype to DL asking SI to contact Rock Island Arsenal***.

2221 - PH sends teletype to SI asking SI to contact Rock Island Arsenal***.

2221 - PH sends teletype to BS asking SI to contact Rock Island Arsenal***.

2226 - DL ack PH teletype***.

2227 - SI ack PH teletype***.

2228 - WA ack PH teletype. (filed as: FBI WA #62-109060-638)(see doc3 38revol.txt)

2228 - BS ack PH teletype***.


1527 - SI sends teletype to WA stating AMSWE-SMD-I check negative***.

1527 - SI sends teletype to DL stating AMSWE-SMD-I check negative***.

1530 - WA ack SI teletype. (filed as: FBI WA #62-109060-858)(see doc3 38revol.txt).

15xx - DL ack SI teletype***.

15xx - SI mails copy to BS stating AMSWE-SMD-I check negative***.

15xx - SI mails copy to PH stating AMSWE-SMD-I check negative***.

(* = time corrected to CST 2400 clock)

(** = Do not have document)

(*** = Do not have document, but it is a copy of existing document)








DL 89-43 (assassination file)

WA 62-109060 (misc., assassination file)

WA 42-24016 (unknown file, may have to do with deserters)

SI 89-23 (assassination file)

PH 157-916 (extremist / civil unrest file)


Numerous FBI documents on the revolver investigation have not been released as of yet with this FOIA request to WA. No documentation has been released showing the exact location of the revolver, who found the revolver, and any FBI laboratory testing to determine if the weapon had fingerprints on it or had recently been fired. I have not been able to get a response from the FBI for over a year as to the remaining documents which have not been released.

The file designations WA 42-24016 and PH 157-916 may contain significant information as to who had this weapon or were it came from. During 1963 many weapons were disappearing from military bases and finding their way to extremist right-wing groups such as the Minutemen.


Please contact me if you have any of the missing FBI documents or additional knowledge regarding the revolver found in Dealy Plaza.

On 05-Jun-2006, Colleen wrote:

J.F.K was one of the greatest men who ever lived. he was an insparation to so many people. i think that his assasination was one of the most devistating thing that ever happened in the U.S. i personally think that school should teach us more about him. everything that i know about him i have found over out over the years on my own ! this site was alot of help for my drama project, we are reenacting J.F.Ks life from a child and up! there should be more sites like this! thanks!!

On 05-Jun-2006, Truth. wrote:

Narrow-minded thinking is what intrigues us to believe that such a crime can be put on one soul individual. Based on logic, educated facts and a uniqued sense of common sensibility it is truly impossible for this crime to be committed solo. I am not American, and before i go any further i want to plead my work is not biased. Whether American's want to believe it or not, there was a mass conspiracy behind this assassination and the haunting tales of a sole sniper is nothing but the United States believing they can make its citizens believe whatever they tell them...well, they are the almighty government right? The real question here is not who and how JFK was killed, but moreso why...?

The entirety of this consipiracy has not only silenced the progression of America, but has left its people in a sickened disbelief.

And for myself, a neighboring university student to the United States, I believe this to be the most cruel and inhumane conspiracy assassinations of the century.

Now pass the bong this way.

On 05-Jun-2006, Truth. wrote:

Narrow-minded thinking is what intrigues us to believe that such a crime can be put on one soul individual. Based on logic, educated facts and a uniqued sense of common sensibility it is truly impossible for this crime to be committed solo. I am not American, and before i go any further i want to plead my work is not biased. Whether American's want to believe it or not, there was a mass conspiracy behind this assassination and the haunting tales of a sole sniper is nothing but the United States believing they can make its citizens believe whatever they tell them...well, they are the almighty government right? The real question here is not who and how JFK was killed, but moreso why...?

The entirety of this consipiracy has not only silenced the progression of America, but has left its people in a sickened disbelief.

And for myself, a neighboring university student to the United States, I believe this to be the most cruel and inhumane conspiracy assassinations of the century.

Now pass the bong this way.

On 04-Jun-2006, JB wrote:

I challange any one who visits this site to a debate over whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald did, in fact, assassinate JFK. WE can do this debate via this site or another. Since it will take a very long time, it cannot be live as we all have lives to live as well as debate.

We can lay some ground rules and I am open to any input on the rules:

1)No insulting or profanity will be allowed.

2)Evidence given will require PRIMARY sources that can be checked.

Just like our legal system, Oswald is presumed innocent and the burden of proof is on prosection to prove Oswald beyond resonable doubt: Planned and performed the assassination alone. Your evidence can consist of all of the evidence presented by the Warren Commisson or House Select committee on Assinations, meaning any of the physical evidence or the Autopsy, and of course COMMON SENSE.

On 04-Jun-2006, JB wrote:

PJK and CES should do a little more research to check your timelines and your sources. Where is the "forensic" evidence, or shall we say Where is the right "forensic" evidence since there are contradictory drawings and photos of the autospsy. 3 shots, 2 hits: an impossible task: do the research. No cleaning equipment found, no evidence of "practice" Head shot came from the front "Jet effect" disproven. Oswald disgrunted? Show me some valid evidence of this and we can have a health debate.

On 04-Jun-2006, RMN wrote:



a/k/a Sergio Castillo a/k/a John Felter a/k/a Henry Sanders

� 1998 JFKMURDERSOLVED.COM All Rights Reserved

This private, impartial investigation started in 1989 and was initiated by a Texas Private Investigator, the late Joe West of Houston, Texas, through a non-profit, educational Texas corporation known as Truth, Truth, Truth, Inc.

As of this writing, the investigation has cost over $1,000,000 and has taken 13 years. The investigation is ongoing and all new evidence will be posted here as it is gathered and verified.

Read the full chain of events click here.

The following information was gathered by Certified Legal Investigator Joe H. West (deceased), Houston criminal attorney Don Ervin, California television producer Robert G. Vernon, John C. Grady, official historian for the 82nd Airborne, a major USA detective agency, and from the files of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


In 1992, a Beaumont, Texas FBI agent, Zack Shelton, informed Truth, Truth, Truth Inc. And Houston criminal attorney Don Ervin that there was a man in prison that he believed to have knowledge of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Agent Shelton, a former Chicago Organized Crime Strike Force member, stated that the prisoner is a "legitimate mobster" - had been the "driver-bodyguard" for Chicago Mafia hitman Charles Nicoletti - has a long history of violent crime - and had been tortured and left for dead shortly after the murder of Charles Nicoletti in 1977, prior to Nicoletti testifying before the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

Agent Shelton also stated that he has long suspected that the Chicago Mafia was involved in the murder of President Kennedy, however, he has never been able to gather sufficient evidence to prove it.

(NOTE: Following Agent Shelton's disclosure of the prisoner to Truth, Truth, Truth, Inc. And attorney Ervin, Agent Shelton informed Houston criminal attorney Don Ervin that his FBI superiors had threatened him with the loss of his job and his government pension should Agent Shelton's name ever surface again in association with the JFK assassination. Texas State Judge Charles Carver of Beaumont also verified this fact after speaking directly with Agent Shelton. The FBI has twice declined written requests for Agent Shelton to be interviewed, on camera, regarding James E. Files.)

After an exhaustive search, Truth, Truth, Truth, Inc. located the prisoner in Joliet, Illinois.

This report is contains pertinent evidence and data gathered regarding the life of the prisoner, James E. Files alias James E. Sutton.



James E. Files a/k/a James E. Sutton a/k/a John Mandel a/k/a James Felter a/k/a Sergio Castillo was born in a small country farmhouse just outside Oakman, Alabama on January 24, 1942. His older sister, Mary Pearl Files, was born at the same farmhouse in 1936. Files's mother Vera (nee Lollar) was married to Jasper Daltman "J.D." Files although Lesly Sutton was the biological father of James E. Files. When J. D. Files learned of his wife's affair with Sutton, they were divorced. Vera left Alabama, moving to California, where she married Lesly Sutton. James Files took the last name of Sutton. Shortly thereafter Lesly Sutton was killed at Boulder Dam.

James E. Files's mother is deceased (1970). His mother's first husband, J. D. Files, passed away in 1997. The elder Files's sister-in-law, Christine Shelton of Nashville (Vera's sister), stated that there were also some adopted kids, at least two boys, possibly three, by J. D. Files during a later marriage. One is Raymond Files, an Alabama minister.

James E. Files states that he used the name Sutton (although he was born as "Files") until 1963 and there are numerous records available to substantiate his claim. His first wife Eleanor recalls that Files asked her of she wanted to be married under the name Sutton or Files. His aunt Christine recalls that he used the name Sutton all throughout his early school years. When his mother moved to California, he attended Castle Rock Grammar School in Valley Springs, California. There are no school records available.

The Sutton/Files family moved to Melrose Park, Illinois in the late 1940s, where he grew up in a tough Italian neighborhood. He was labeled as a juvenile delinquent by the local police chief (Chief Giles or Jiles), bought his first car at age fourteen, was known for riding motorcycles and he raced stock cars when he was in his early to mid-twenties. His first wife's family expressed strong disfavor of the marriage due to his history of juvenile delinquency.

Files killed his first man at the age of sixteen, avenging his sister's murder (Mary Pearl Johnson) in St. Louis, decapitating her killer at close range with a shotgun.

Files stated that he joined the U.S. Army in 1959, entered the 82nd Airborne, and was sent to Vietnam (Laos) as part of Operation White Star. Files did intelligence work and was among the first U.S. covert combat troops sent into Laos in 1959.

(NOTE: Historical records indicate that Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy called these first troops "advisors" and that US military troops were present in Vietnam as early as 1953 - Col. Fletcher Prouty, former Head of Clandestine Services for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the liaison between the Pentagon and the White House from 1956-1963 stated that U.S. troops had been in Vietnam since WW II. Prouty also confirmed operation "White Star.")

In early interviews, Files stated that the CIA has tried to erase all traces of his service record (S-1 record), his school records and his birth certificate. No records of his school history or birth have been located, however, an aunt by marriage recalls an Alabama lawyer once located his birth certificate which was stamped "deceased at birth." Three recent searches (1994-95-96) for Files's birth certificate have been to no avail. For all practical purposes, James E. Sutton alias James E. Files is "the man who was never born."

Despite the fact that the FBI issued a written report questioning Files's military background, and a major national private investigative agency has issued a written report which states that no trace of Files's purported military records could be located, John C. Grady, the official historian of the 82nd Airborne and the 505th Parachute Division RCT, located Files's U.S. Army serial number and a Veterans Administration claim number in an "inactive" file at a remote regional VA office and through the VA computer in St. Louis.

After an exhaustive 18 month search, historian Grady verified that Files had indeed entered the Army in 1959 and went into the 82nd Airborne before being sent to Laos on July 10, 1959. Files speaks in a distinct military manner with no remorse for anyone he has ever killed. One year later, in early 1996, historian Grady checked the service record of Files again. No records were found and all files under the name "James E. Files" were marked "no further information available."

Files stated that he spent approximately 14 months in the armed services and that he was in danger of a court martial at Ft. Mead, Maryland for certain events that happened regarding the Laotian Army. He allegedly killed two of his own men to "save face" with the Laotian Army. Files has also identified the U.S. Army JAG officer that handled his court martial as "Howell" or "Powell." Files states that he was placed into the Hines Veterans Hospital in Maywood, Illinois for 90 days of "evaluation" - however, there were no hospital records located by the FBI.

Files states that he was then recruited by David Atlee Phillips of the CIA. There are no public records that indicate this is true, however, in a letter sent to his aunt Christine from Vietnam, Files wrote "the government has turned me into a killing machine." Files also confessed that his government work became "over-extended."

Several known CIA operatives and CIA contract pilot Robert "Tosh" Plumlee recall a "young hitter from Chicago, who got into trouble down in Mexico and had to be bailed out by Frank Sturgis of the CIA." Incarcerated Mafia assassin Lenny Patrick has testified that James E. Files alias Jimmy Sutton was associated with the Chicago mob and Charles Nicoletti. A former CIA-US ARMY intelligence officer who was stationed in Florida in 1963 has also identified James E. Files as being involved with the JM/WAVE CIA covert headquarters in Miami during the early 1960s.

Files was "handpicked" to drive for mob hitman/"enforcer" Charles Nicoletti in late 1961 or early 1962 and became a "favorite" of Nicoletti. There are several witnesses who testified that Files knew Nicoletti extremely well including members of Files's second wife's family (Arnold/ Kay Marbry) and a Chicago service station/garage owner.

The garage owner (where Files was once employed) stated that Nicoletti would let only Files "touch" or work on Nicoletti's personal vehicles. Two of Files's Chicago "buddies" recall Files and Nicoletti as "being very close" and have agreed to grant television interviews to that effect. Both "buddies" and Files's aunt and uncle by marriage recall that they were introduced to Charles Nicoletti by Files.

Files stated that the FBI has pictures of Nicoletti and him together and he has clearly detailed the circumstances of how and when the pictures were taken by the FBI

In July of 1995, Michael Cain - brother of notorious Chicago gangster-turned-informant Richard Cain - made inquiries in Chicago about James E. Files at the request of Robert G. Vernon. Mr. Cain contacted active Mafia members and his late brother's FBI contacts both of which verified that Files was "Nicoletti's boy."

Despite requests of Files to sign a notarized statement giving permission to retrieve any and all records of the FBI and CIA that pertain to James E. Files under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), his former attorney, infamous Mafia lawyer Julius Echeles of Chicago, refused to allow Files to give the permission for the FOIA document retrieval. Of special interest is the fact that attorney Echeles received payment for representing Files via cashier's check with a footnote "From The Friends of James E. Files." The source of these payments is not known (SOURCE: Chicago Sun-Times).

Files was an "assault weapons trainer" for anti-Cuban forces training for the Playa Giron operation (the Bay of Pigs) in 1961. He claims (with some corroboration) he was an associate of several "key players" including David Atlee Phillips, Antonio Veciana, Gerry Patrick Hemming, and Frank Sturgis. Files has also named key CIA-anti Cuban forces, code names, events and certain historical places that were verified by cross reference with data supplied by known CIA pilot Robert "Tosh" Plumlee. Files also correctly identified Plumlee by his CIA codename, William R. Pearson.

Plumlee also recalls that a young Alabama boy "dropped off" Charles Nicoletti for a "CIA/Mafia flight" that Plumlee was piloting prior to 1963.

Files has stated that he signed a secrecy agreement with the CIA and has refused to provide much information about his CIA activities other than stating that he worked for the CIA from early 1961 to 1979 when he was arrested and sentenced to prison for running a Mafia "chop shop" (NOTE: The government's case included over 50 witnesses).

In addition, Files's personal memoirs, located in his private storage vault in Illinois, indicate that Files has first hand knowledge of numerous CIA activities dating from 1959 to 1979 including the death of Orlando Letellier and numerous other CIA operations in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Cuba, and South America.

Further, his unpublished memoirs indicate that his CIA "associates" have included Michael Townley, Frank Terpil, the notorious terrorist - Orlando Bosch - the incarcerated arms dealer Ed Wilson and the deceased David Atlee Phillips, who was Files's CIA "controller." Files has stated that he worked directly for Phillips.

Files also stated that the CIA administered drugs to him in the early 1960s in an effort to extract the truth from him regarding a "certain situation."

Files's FBI "rap sheet" (FBI # 66 945 E) dates back to 1959 and includes several minor crimes as well as such major crimes as Armed Violence, Aggravated Assault, Attempted Murder of a Police Officer, Explosives, and numerous counts of Interstate Transportation of Stolen Motor Vehicles (Mafia chop shop). Files has served time in several locations including Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Illinois.

In addition, FBI and ATF documents obtained by Files through FOIA in the early 1980s (while he was incarcerated in Oxford, Wisconsin) indicate that Files has been investigated under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations statutes (RICO), and for Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property, Theft from Interstate Shipment, Extortionate Credit Transactions, Illegal Gambling Business, Police Corruption, and Possession of Illegal Firearms and Explosives.

James E. Files has confessed to acting in a conspiracy to murder John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

Files confessed that Sam Giancana, Johnny Rosselli and Charles Nicoletti were the other "players" in the conspiracy. Files confessed that Charles Nicoletti and he killed John F. Kennedy with two separate "head shots" fired within a split second of each other. Files confessed to firing the fatal last shot to Kennedy's right front temple from behind the grassy knoll "stockade fence."

Files confessed that he used a Remington XP-100 Fireball in the JFK assassination. He stated that the powerful, deadly accurate varmint/target pistol was given to him by David Atlee Phillips of the CIA but "not specifically for Kennedy." He claims that the "Kennedy hit" was the third time that he used the Fireball and that the weapon has been used since.

Files claims that he left a .222 caliber shell behind in Dealey Plaza after the murder. Files states that he bit the .222 shell casing, leaving his "teeth marks" on it.

In 1987, a Dallas resident and his son found a .222 "dented" shell casing buried in Dealey Plaza near the wooden fence on the grassy knoll. The casing was determined to have been buried in Dealey Plaza since 1963 by UCLA anthropology graduate Gary Hughes using the Terminus Post Quem layering technique.

Dr. Paul Stimson, a forensic odontologist from the University of Texas at Houston, as well as four other prominent forensic odontologists, examined the .222 casing and determined that the dents in the casing were indeed teeth marks. No positive identification can be made for Files now has dental plates. Of special interest is that the FBI has declined to locate Files's early dental records for a forensic dental examination by FBI experts and Dr. Stimson despite several written requests by Vernon to FBI Director, Louis Freeh.

Files stated that the .222 bullet that he fired at President Kennedy was a "special round" i.e.; a "mercury load" and that six "special rounds" were prepared for the 1963 trip by his main "weapons man," a Chicago area resident named "Wolfman" (A nickname). After being asked to have "Wolfman" corroborate this claim, Files summoned "Wolfman" to the Joliet prison and told him that he was planning on "opening up" about the JFK murder and asked "Wolfman" to speak with an investigator for Truth, Truth, Truth, Inc.

(NOTE: Wolfman died approximately one week after his visit with Files and before he could be interviewed by the investigator. His cause of death is unknown). Files also stated that the "weapons stash" kept by Nicoletti and him was secured at the old Bally Warehouse in Chicago. He stated that they kept about 40 firearms "on hand" at all times and that they were constantly modifying these guns for various "jobs."

The investigative parties herein have been unable to find any hard evidence that proves that Files was not in Dallas on November 22, 1963. The motel in which Files said he stayed in Mesquite, Texas during the week of November 18-23, 1963 was verified as having been built in 1961. The pancake house to which Files says he took John Rosselli on the morning of November 22, 1963 in Ft. Worth, Texas was verified to have been built in 1962. During the time period in question (November 18-23, 1963), no evidence has been found indicating that Sutton or Files was incarcerated or hospitalized. There are no speeding tickets issued to Sutton or Files during the time period in question. No credible witnesses have come forth to indicate that Sutton/Files was not in Dallas on 11/22/63.

Eric Buesing and Associates of Santa Ana, California, administered a Voice Stress Analysis test (VSA) of Files's videotaped confession and found a high 70% confirmation of his veracity. Buesing concluded that Files was in Dallas on November 22, 1963. A second voice stress analysis, administered by television producer Robert G. Vernon, indicated a confirmation of Files's veracity - as high as 86%.

When questioned about the "torture incident" as per the information supplied by FBI Agent Zack Shelton, Files stated that he was "kidnaped" by unknown persons shortly after the murder of Charles Nicoletti in 1977. He was held against his will in a "warehouse" at an unknown location in or near Chicago. Files's Aunt Christine also verified that Files had been tortured.

Following various methods of excruciating torture, including the insertion of an electric cattle prod into his rectum, Files was thrown, completely nude, from a speeding car and was found by police from a Chicago suburb.

Files stated that his kidnappers demanded a "package" which Charles Nicoletti gave to him following the JFK assassination. Files said that Nicoletti instructed him to "hold on to the package" for it may save his life someday.

Following his recovery from the kidnaping and torture incident, Files says he dug up the "package" and that it contained a map of the presidential motorcade route through Dealey Plaza and several Secret Service identification cards. Files stated that he destroyed the contents of the "package." Files stated that he does not believe that his kidnappers were associated with the Chicago Mafia or they would have killed him. He believes his captors were "government related."

James E. Files is currently serving 50 years at Stateville Correctional Center, Joliet, Illinois for the attempted murder of two Illinois police officers. He is in Protective Custody at the prison. His 1994 appeal was denied by the Court. Files's 1995 appeal was granted and he was scheduled for re-sentencing until he was informed, in 1996, that the appeal had been overturned.

James E. Files has written songs under the name of "Jimmy South": In two of his songs - entitled "Six Seconds in Dallas" and "I Remember Jackie" - Files's lyrics and melody paint a haunting, chilling picture of what occurred in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.

"A Soldier Past" - a poem written by Files (located in his storage area) - was given special consideration by the editor of a magazine known as the National Vietnam Veterans Review.

Files and his oldest daughter have both received threats due to Files's confession to Truth, Truth, Truth, Inc. and producer Robert G. Vernon. Files says he has been threatened by both organized crime and the U.S. Government and has declined to further elaborate on those threats.

Files's daughter received a visit from a "representative" of organized crime in 1994 and has since - twice - relocated to a new address.

On November 18, 1994, television producer Robert G. Vernon testified to the Assassination Records Review Board (five scholars appointed by President Bill Clinton) in a public hearing in Dallas, Texas. Vernon informed the Review Board of the confession of James E. Files as relates to Files's participation in the daylight assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

In 1996, Beaumont FBI agent Zack Shelton broke a "four year silence" and verified to Michael Hytha, a Knight-Ridder reporter, that he (Shelton) had given the lead on James E. Files to Certified Legal Investigator Joe West. In a separate interview with journalist Marcella Kretter of UPI, Agent Shelton informed the reporter that the FBI had received a lead on Files from an informant. Shelton also asked Kretter not to reveal his name in her news story.

In August of 1996, Files received a letter from his new attorney (name unknown) which informed Files that a "$50,000 contract" had been placed on Files's head. Files also received a warning from a "friend in NY" that Files was in danger.

The investigation has also brought forth the man who flew John Rosselli into Dallas on 11/22/63 and the man who drove Charles Nicoletti into Dallas on the morning of 11/22/63.

Robert G. Vernon has turned all evidence on James E. Files's confession to the murder of John F. Kennedy over to President Bill Clinton, Vice-President Al Gore, U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, and FBI Director Louis Freeh.


In August of 1993, Houston criminal attorney Don Ervin negotiated a deal with the US Department of Justice - through the FBI - that included (1) immunity for Files; (2) the FBI and Ervin would go to Joliet and interview Files in a non-official capacity; and (3) following the "non-official" interview the FBI would investigate and then the US Department of Justice would possibly call a special Grand Jury to hear Files's testimony.

On August 9, 1993 - without the knowledge of attorney Ervin - two Chicago FBI agents (Zydron and Pecoraro) paid a surprise visit to Files. On August 16, 1993, the two agents authored a report of their visit with Files.

Following the FBI visit with Files, Files notified attorney Don Ervin and producer Vernon that the agents had "asked him to agree that Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK" and that the agents had threatened Files's pending appeal telling him that they had already talked to the appellate court judges (NOTE: Files's appeal was granted then later overturned).

This report was placed in the National Archives and was faxed to Vernon by the Executive Director of the Assassination Records Review Board, David Marwell, in December of 1994 (NOTE: The issuance of an official FBI report to the National Archives is highly unorthodox and the reason for this action is unknown as of this writing).

In 1996, Vernon located retired FBI agent Pecoraro in Florida. Pecoraro initially informed Vernon that he "felt like he had been used" and denied any knowledge of the US Attorney's (Chicago) approval of immunity for Files (a fact verified by attorney Ervin on August 3, 1993).

Vernon then faxed Pecoraro a copy of the 8/16/93 FBI report, which Pecoraro says he had never seen. Vernon also informed Pecoraro that it was reported that agents Zydron and Pecoraro had "muscled their way into the prison through Internal Affairs."

In their second phone discussion in 1996, retired agent Pecoraro stated that he and agent Zydron had not "muscled their way in through Internal Affairs" but had contacted the warden personally and spoken with the warden and that the warden had full knowledge of the FBI visit on 8/9/93.

Immediately following his conversation with retired agent Pecoraro, Vernon contacted former Stateville warden Salvador Godinez (now Deputy Director of the Michigan Department of Corrections) and informed Godinez that Pecoraro had told Vernon that Zydron and Pecoraro had spoken directly with the warden prior to their visit with Files and that the warden had full knowledge of their visit with Files in 1993.

Godinez' response: "That's a lie."


In May of 1996, the unedited confession of James E. Files was released in home video form only by a Chicago video distributor. Following the video release, the distributor was "invited" to the White House by President Bill Clinton and later given a special "nomination" to the Democratic National Advisory Board. Marketing and distribution plans were mysteriously changed, altered and even not implemented as planned. Despite these strange actions, several major video chains carried the video, including Blockbuster which promoted the video over the Thanksgiving holidays of 1996. Blockbuster re-ordered twice after starting with three rental copies for each store.

In addition, the distributor has attempted to discredit Vernon, attorney Ervin and former Warden Godinez to James Files.

In addition, in September of 1996, the tabloid program "HARD COPY" did a special two day story (9/10/96 and 9/11/96) which is still in syndication as of April 18, 1997. The focus of the story was the fact that Malcolm Summers, a reputable mature Dallas businessman - who was an eyewitness to the 1963 murder of JFK - and who is cited in the Warren Commission report as a witness - IDENTIFIED JAMES E. FILES AS THE MAN HE SAW ON THE GRASSY KNOLL IN 1963. The Hard Copy story resulted from a FIVE DAY special news series produced by a San Antonio, Texas TV station.

Immediately following the Hard Copy exposure, John R. Stockwell, a former CIA case officer, and John McAdams, a known CIA disinformation specialist and asset, went on the Internet and attempted to debunk the confession of James Files. The CIA disinformation specialist even created a special website claiming Files is a hoax.

Further, the plans of the Chicago distributor to produce a second video featuring the entire evidence gathered by the extensive investigation were mysteriously altered and on April 16, 1997, Robert G. Vernon received information from a reputable source that the distributors were releasing a second JFK video WHICH DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY INFORMATION OR MENTION OF JAMES E. FILES. This information was confirmed as true by the distributor when confronted.

In the summer of 1998, one of our top researchers was contacted by the Secret Service and was asked why he was communicating with James Files. When the researcher told the agent about Files' confession of JFK, the agent informed the researcher that "the President and his staff" were very concerned for James Files is a "threat to National Security."

It is the belief of Robert G. Vernon that the United States government, through its highest elected officials, and the CIA, are working closely together to stop any publication of the certified legal evidence supporting the confession of James E. Files.

You can also check:


All Rights Reserved

On 04-Jun-2006, RMB wrote:

So he brings his rifle to work, cloaked in a paper bag, and calls it "curtain rods." He then points his gun out the window, as observed by construction worker Howard Brennan, and shoots Kennedy, getting off 3 shots and hitting with 2. He splits from the building, kills Officer Tippett, is arrested and then killed by Jack Ruby.

All I know is that this didnt happen the way govt said it did. Obviously by reading the replys they pulled the wool over alot of peoples eyes.

I have posted to so many blogs lately that I dont want to go down through all the different points.

All I have to say is that if you look at the black and white photos (in High Treason) of Kennedy after he was in the Dallas hosptial you can clearly see that at least two shots came from the front. They were photos the public wasn't suppose to see but they made into Robert Grodens book. He was present during that time and actually saw everything. He was also on the Assassinations Commitee and he attested that alot of testimony was ignored and altered to make it look like Oswald was the shooter.

If you look at those photos right there is indication that something didnt go right.

In my opinion the CIA did it.

They hated JFK. Theres a theory out there that Nixon and LBJ were in on the plot as well. It was reported that JFK was going to get rid of LBJ as well. LBJ may have caught wind of that and got in on the plot.

The Mob had a bone to pick with JFK as well.

1. JFK was going to fire their director who incidentally was on the Warren Commission.

2. He wasn't for Vietnam and was going to pull all the troops out of there. He in the process of doing that when he got shot.

3. JFK put the kabash on the Bay of the Pigs and that really didnt sit well with the CIA.

4. The CIA is who altered JFK's route to go by the School book Depository building at the last minute.

5. Watch the Zapruder film. His head obviously goes back on the last headshot.

6. Alot of mysterious deaths with people involved with the case. From a man getting killed by a karate chop to the head to hunting accidents and one guy got hit by a bus.

Governor Connally testified to the fact that he and weren't hit by the same bullet. His testimony was ignored and disregarded. This is obvious in the Zapruder film.

8. Read 'High Treason' thats where I found out all my facts.

9. Nixon and George Bush Sr (who was working for the CIA at the time) were both in Dallas on that day. They will deny it until the day that die but it happened. They both claimed they dont remember where they were that day. I have seen the proof!

There it is pure and simple. Don't believe the hype theres to many facts out there on this now a days. There had to be some type of coverup for this to have it go over the way it did. I use to believe that Oswald was the assassin at one time too.

Mark my words: Some day the truth shall be known.

On 03-Jun-2006, Pat wrote:

I do believe that we will learn about the truth of what really happened that day in Dallas. The truth has a way of mysteriously surfacing when least expected. Mr. Stone's movie has brought about a new generation of problem solvers who will move forward and continue to seek out the truth. However we must remember to protect the our country's Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence - we must not allow our government to remove the rights we continually fight to keep.

On 01-Jun-2006, Bruce wrote:

Unfortunately it is arguable that the world would be better off with or without Kennedy because nobody knows. What we do know is that there were three shots that day. It was very plausible for the wounds inflicted in President Kennedy and Governor Connally to be of one shot. The trajectory lines up perfectly when you seat Governor Connally correctly, which is not directly in front of President Kennedy. It is a jump seat which places him lower than the President and to the side. Also the Governor is turned to his right after hearing the first gunshot. This is when the second bullet hits, with a perfect trajectory to inflict the damage it inflicted.

On 23-May-2006, pjk wrote:

re: Tests showed that it would be impossible for Oswald to have aimed, fired and reloaded the manlicher three times in less than 6 seconds

�he didn�t have to reload three times. Just twice. The gun was already loaded the first time waiting for the Kennedy motorcade to pass. Oswald, the Marine sharpshooter, was easily capable of reloading twice and scoring two hits in the time available. Oswald had practiced with the rifle beforehand and mastered it.

Re: in my opinion i think the shots came from the front in the Grassy Knoll and from the back

�then why were some in the crowd running to the grassy knoll if the shots were coming from there? Wouldn't they run away from it? Two of Oswald's coworkers on the fifth floor could hear Oswald doing the shooting and knew the shots were coming right from above them. Howard Brennan personally witnessed Oswald doing the shooting.

Re: People who say that the assassination was not a conspiracy and Oswald was a lone assassin, i completely disagree with you. It is very obvious that this was a conspiracy,

..there simply is no evidence of a conspiracy. All the evidence points to Oswald.

�Once again, why doe no one ever accuse John Hinkley, Sam Byck, Sara Jane Moore or Squeaky Fromme of being part of a conspiracy in their attempted presidential assassinations? How come no one has a problem accepting a lone assassin theory in those cases but many refuse to do so with Oswald?

�Once again, Kennedy was due for re-election in less than a year. Why go through this multi-level assassination conspiracy instead of just challenging Kennedy in the upcoming election? There was certainly enough stuff to use against him, given the Bay of Pigs fiasco, partial backdown in the Cuba missile crisis, his personal life and his health problems�

On 21-May-2006, I wrote:

in my own oppinion that day on Dealy Plaza was VERY strange. there were alot of different testemonies, that pointed at a lonely gunman AND at as far as three or more!

i think we have years to come, before we find out what happened that day.

wonder who will tell us?

the sad thing about this assassination is, that now we can only dream about what place this world would have been if Kennedy survived that day....

what are we becomming? monsters...


On 21-May-2006, Mick wrote:

We are all to small to uderstand what has acctually hapend and unfortunatly we will never know the truth. One thing is a fact the world would be a totally different place to live if JFK was not killed, it would be a better place to live.


On 19-May-2006, Kiran wrote:

I personally think that there were more than two gunmen involved, possibly three.

If you observe all the evidence carefully which involve acoustics and ballistics, it is quite obvious that there were more than two gunmen.

Tests showed that it would be impossible for Oswald to have aimed, fired and reloaded the manlicher three times in less than 6 seconds.He would have to had done this in 5.5 seconds to have fired three shots at Kennedy that the Warren Commission have claimed. If there were more than three shots then it seems less likely that Oswald was the only assassin.

in my opinion i think the shots came from the front in the Grassy Knoll and from the back, the School Book Depository building. There must have been more than three bullets as many bullets were found in the wounds of Kennedy and Governor Connelly.

People who say that the assassination was not a conspiracy and Oswald was a lone assassin, i completely disagree with you. It is very obvious that this was a conspiracy, and many people were involved in it. The people that i think were involved were Lyndon Johnson, the C.I.A, The Mafia at some stage and lastly Oswald himself.

On 19-May-2006, boothy wrote:

thanks 4 making a good homepage not it's brill

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