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(APPENDIX XIII - Biography of Lee Harvey Oswald)

baby. Marina and Mrs. Paine toured Bourbon Street while Oswald stayed home and did some packing for Marina's return to Texas.1097 On Sunday, September 22, Oswald and Mrs. Paine finished loading the station wagon with the Oswalds' household belongings.1098


Marina Oswald testified that sometime in August her husband first told her of his plan to go to Mexico and from there to Cuba, where he planned to stay; he had given up a plan to hijack an airplane and fly directly to Cuba, which plan Marina consistently opposed.1099 On September 17, he obtained from the Mexican consulate general in New Orleans a "Tourist Card," FM-8 No. 24085, good for one journey into Mexico for no longer than 15 days. Typed in the blank, "Appelidos y nombre" was "Lee, Harvey Oswald," "Fotogrofo"; the intended destination was shown as Mexico City.1100 (The comma between "Lee" and "Harvey" seems to have been an error.)1101 On the application Oswald stated that he was employed at "640 Rampart"; he was in fact unemployed.1102 (See Commission Exhibits Nos. 2478, 2481, p. 300.)

Marina and June departed with Mrs. Ruth Paine for Irving on the morning of September 23.1103 Before she left, Oswald told Marina that she should not tell anyone about his impending trip to Mexico.1104 Marina kept this secret until after the assassination.1105 On the previous day, Oswald's landlord had seen Mrs. Paine's car being packed and had asked Oswald whose rent was about 15 days overdue, whether he was leaving. Oswald told him that Marina was leaving temporarily but that he would remain.1106 A neighbor testified that on the evening of September 24, he saw Oswald, carrying two pieces of luggage, hurriedly leave the Magazine Street apartment and board a bus.1107 Though uncertain of the exact date, a city busdriver recalls that at the same time of day and at the same location he picked up a man who was carrying two suitcases of different sizes and helped him place them so that they would not disturb the other passengers. The driver remembers that the man asked directions to the Greyhound bus station. He discharged the passenger at an intersection where he could board a Canal Street car and transfer to another bus which would go past the Greyhound and Continental Trailways stations.1108 The landlord found Oswald's apartment vacant on September 25.1109

Oswald appears to have taken with him a Spanish-English dictionary; 1110 his address book; 1111 his 1963 passport and old passport; 1112 his correspondence with the Communist Party and with the Soviet Embassy in Washington, some of which was in Russian; 1113 proof of his marriage; 1114 newspaper clippings concerning his arrest and his interest in the activities of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee 1115 (activities which, Marina testified, he had undertaken-because he thought that they would help him when he got to Cuba); 1116 evidence that he

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