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(APPENDIX XIII - Biography of Lee Harvey Oswald)

Elena Hall, who was born in Tehran, Iran, of Russian parentage. She worked in a dental laboratory and at this time was divorced from her former husband John Hall, whom she subsequently remarried. In order to obtain dental aid for Marina, George Bouhe had brought her to Mrs. Halls house.891 In early September, the Oswalds met Alexander Kleinlerer, another member of the Russian group, who was then courting Mrs. Hall.892 Mrs. Max Clark was introduced to Marina during this period by George Bouhe and Anna Meller. Max Clark met the Oswalds at a later time.893 At about the same time, they were visited by George De Mohrenschildt, a petroleum engineer born in Russia.894 who had heard of them from one of the Russian-speaking group.895 Later on, the Oswalds met his wife, Jeanne, and his daughter and son-in-law, Gary and Alexandra Taylor.896

Most of the members of the Russian community were interested in the Oswalds not only because they needed help, but also because they could provide the latest information about what was happening in Russia.897 Some members of the group were at first apprehensive about them because the apparent ease with which they had left Russia seemed suspicious.898 Nevertheless, many of the group provided small amounts of money, groceries, clothing, and furniture for the Oswalds; George Bouhe, Anna Meller, and Elena Hall were the primary contributors, although others provided help in the form of transportation and groceries.899 These acquaintances occasionally visited the Oswalds, and the Oswalds in turn visited some of them in Dallas.900

It was evident that Oswald did not appreciate the help of the Russian community.901 At least once he flew into a rage and shouted that he did not need any of the things that people were giving to him.902 Some felt that he resented the gifts because he could not give his wife what the others were providing;903 he apparently was critical of them also because he felt that they were overly concerned with improving themselves economically.904
Oswald became increasingly unpopular with his Russian-speaking acquaintances, partly because of his resentment of their assistance.905 Alexander Kleinlerer stated that none of them cared for Oswald "because of his political philosophy, his criticism of the United States, his apparent lack of interest in anyone but himself and because of his treatment of Marina."906 Some of them believed that Oswald was mentally disturbed.907 However, they felt sorry for Marina and the child and continued to help.908

On a weekend afternoon early in October, the Oswalds were visited by his mother and a number of people from the Russian community, including George Bouhe, Anna Meller, the Halls, the De Mohrenschildts, and the Taylors.909 Oswald had apparently decided to look for a new job, and discussed his lack of job prospects and the fact that. his rent was overdue.910 He was advised to seek employment in the Dallas area.911 Elena Hall invited Marina to move into her house in Fort Worth until Oswald found a job in Dallas. She accepted the proposal, and Mrs. Hall moved Marina. her daughter June, and the

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