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(APPENDIX V - List of Witnesses)

Witness Description Testimony
Robertson, Mary Jane D Employee, Dallas Police De- Vol. VII, p. 404.
Robertson, Victor F., Jr.D Reporter, Dallas Vol. XV, p. 347.
Rodriguez, Evaristo D Bartender at Habana Bar, Vol. XI, p. 339.
New Orleans.
Rogers, Eric D Neighbor of the Oswalds in Vol. XI, p. 460.
New Orleans.
Romack, James E.D Witness at assassination scene. Vol. VI, p. 277.
Rose, Guy F.D Member, Dallas Police De- Vol. VII, p. 227.
Ross, Henrietta M.D Technician, Parkland Hos- Vol. VI, p. 123.
Rossi, Joseph D Acquaintance of Jack Ruby... Vol. XV, p. 235.
Roussel, Henry J., Jr.A Acquaintance of Oswald in Vol. VIII, p. 320.
Marine Corps.
Rowland, Arnold LouisC Witness at assassination Vol. II, p. 165.
Rowland, Barbara (Mrs. Ar- . do Vol. VI, p. 177.
nold L. ) .D
Rowley, James J.C Chief, U.S. Secret Service Vol. V, p. 449.
Rubenstein, Hyman D Brother of Jack Ruby Vol. XV p. 1.
Ruby, Earl D do Vol. XIV, p. 364.
Ruby, Jack CD Convicted slayer of Oswald. Vol. V, p. 181.
Vol. XIV, p. 504.
Ruby, Sam D Brother of Jack Ruby Vol. XIV, p. 488.
Rusk, Dean C Secretary of State Vol. V, p. 333.
Russell, Harold A Witness in the vicinity of the Vol. VII, p. 594.
Tippit crime scene.
Ryder, Dial D.D Employee, Irving Sports Shop. Vol. XI, p. 224.
Salyer, Kenneth E.D Doctor, Parkland Hospital Vol. VI, p. 80.
Saunders, Richard L.D Advertising staff, Dallas newspaper. Vol. XV, p. 577.
Sawyer, J. Herbert D Inspector, Dallas Police De- Vol. VI, p. 315.
Sawyer, Mildred D Neighbor and acquaintance of Vol VIII, p. 31.
Oswald as a youth in New
Schmidt, Hunter, Jr.D City editor, Dallas Vol. XI, p. 240.
Scibor, Mitchell J.D Employee, Klein's Sports Goods. Vol. VII, p. 370.
Scoggins, William W.C Witness in the vicinity of the Vol. III, p. 322.
Tippit crime scene.
Seeley, Carroll Hamilton, Jr.D. Assistant Chief, Legal Divi- Vol. XI, p. 193.
sion, Passport Office, De-
partment of State.
Semingsen, W. W.D Employee, Western Union Vol. X, p. 405.
Telegraph Co.
Senator, George D Roommate of Jack Ruby Vol. XIV, p. 164.
Servance, John OlridgeD Head porter, City Hall and Vol. XIII, p. 175.
Municipal Building.
Shaneyfelt, Lyndal L.CD Photography expert, FBI Vol. IV, p. 279.
Vol. V, p. 138, 176.
Vol. VII, p. 410.
Shasteen, Clifton M.D Owner of barbershop in Irv- Vol. X, p. 309.
ing, Tex.
Shaw, Robert Roeder CD Doctor, Parkland Hospital. Vol. IV, p. 101.
Vol. VI, p. 83.
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