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(APPENDIX V - List of Witnesses)

Witness Testimony Description
O'Sullivan, Frederick S.n Acquaintance of Oswald at Vol. VIII, p. 27.
Beauregard Junior High
School, New Orleans
Oswald, Margtuerite C Mother of Lee Harvey Oswald Vol. I, p. 126.
Oswald, Marina CD Widow of Lee Harvey Oswald Vol. I, p. 1.
Vol. V. pp. 387,
410, 588.
Vol. XI, p. 275.
Oswald, Robert Edward Lee C Brother of Lee Harvey Oswald Vol. I, p. 264
Owens, Calvin Bud D Member, Dallas Police De-
Paine. Michael R.CD Acquaintance of the Oswalds Vol. II, p. 384.
in Texas. Vol. IX, p. 434.
Vol. XI, p. 398.
Paine, Ruth Hyde ACD Wife of Michael R. Paine and Vol. II, p. 430.
acquaintance of the Oswalds Vol. III, p. 1.
in Texas. Vol. IX, p. 331.
Vol. XI, pp. 153, 389.
Palmer, Thomas Stewart D. Acquaintance of Jack Ruby.. Vol. XV, p. 206.
Pappas, Icarus M.D Reporter, radio station, New Vol. XV, p. 360.
York City.
Patterson, B. M.A Witness in the vicinity of Vol. 15, p. 744.
the Tippit crime scene.
Patterson, Bobby G.D Member, Dallas Police De- Vol. XII, p. 334.
Patterson, Robert Carl D Acquaintance of Jack Ruby... Vol. XIV, p. 126.
Paul, Ralph D do Vol. XIV, p. 134.
Vol. XV, p. 664.
Pena, Orest D Owner, Habana Bar, New Orleans Vol. XI, p. 346.
Pena. Ruperto D Brother of Orest Pena Vol. XI, p. 364.
Perry, Malcolm O. CD Doctor, Parkland Hospital Vol. III, p. 366.
Vol. VI, p. 7.
Perry, W. E.D Member, Dallas Police De- Vol. VII, p. 232.
Peterman, Viola D Neighbor of Oswald family in Vol. VIII, p. 38.
New Orleans.
Peters, Paul C.D Doctor, Parkland Hospital Vol. VI, p. 68.
Peterson, Joseph Alexander D Acquaintance of Jack Ruby Vol. XIV, p. 615
Phenix, George R.D Television cameraman and Vol XIII, p. 123.
reporter, Dallas.
Pic, Edward John, Jr.AD First husband of Marguerite Vol. VIII, p. 196.
Oswald. Vol. XI, p. 82.
Pic, John Edward D Half brother of Lee Harvey Vol. XI, p. 1.
Pierce, Edward E.D Employee, Dallas City Hall. Vol. XIII, p. 156.
Pierce, Rio S.D Lieutenant, Dallas Police De- Vol. VII, p. 76.
partment Vol. XII, p.337.
Pinkston, Nat A.D Employee, TSBD Vol. VI, 334.
Piper, Eddie D do Vo1. VI, 382.
Vo1. VII, 388.
Pitts, Elnora D Acquaintance of Jack Ruby Vol. XIII, p. 228.
Pizzo, FrankD Assistant manager of auto Vol. X, p. 340.
agency, Dallas.
Poe. J. M.D Member, Dallas Police De- Vol. VII, p. 66.
Postal, Julia D Cashier, Texas Theatre Vol. VII,
p. 8.
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