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(APPENDIX V - List of Witnesses)

Witness Description Testimony
Barnes, W. E.v Member, Dallas Police Depart- Vol. VII, p. 270
Barnett, W. E.D do Vol. VII, p. 539.
Barnhorst, Colin D Desk Clerk, YMCA, in Dallas Vol. X, p. 284.
Bashour, Fouad A.D Doctor, Parkland Hospital Vol. VI, p. 61.
Batchelor, Charles D Assistant Chief, Dallas Police Vol. XII, p. 1.
Department. Vol. XV, p. 114.
Bates, Pauline Virginia D Pub1ic stenographer, Fort Vol. VIII p. 330.
Baxter, Charles Rufus D Doctor, Parkland Hospital Vol. VI, p. 39.
Beaty, Buford Lee D Member, Dallas Police Depart- Vol. XII, p. 158.
Beavers, William Robert D Psychiatrist, Dallas Vol. XIV, p. 570.
Beers, Ira J. "Jack", Jr.D Newspaper photographer, Vol. XIII, p. 102.
Bellocchio, Frank D Acquaintance of Jack Ruby... Vol. XIV, p. 466.
Belmont, Alan H.C Assistant to the Director, Vol. V, p. 1.
Federal Bureau of Investi-
gation ( FBI ).
Benavides, Domingo D Witness in the vicinity of the Vol. VI, p. 444.
Tippit crime scene.
Beaten, Nelson D Television reporter, CBS Vol. XV, p. 456.
Bieberdorf, Fred A.D First aid attendant, Dallas Vol. XIII, p. 83.
Health Department.
Biggio, William S.D Member, Dallas Police De- Vol. XIV, p. 48.
Blalock, VanceD Observed Oswald in New Or- Vol. X, p. 81.
Bledsoe, Mary E.D Oswald's former landlady in Vol. VI, p. 400.
Bogard, Albert Guy D Automobile salesman, Dallas.. Vol. X, p. 352.
Bookhout, James W.D Agent, FBI Vol. VII, p. 308.
Boone, Eugene c Deputy Sheriff, Dallas County. Vol. III, p. 291.
Boswell, J. Thornton c Doctor, Bethesda Naval Hospital Vol. II, p. 376.
Betelho, James Anthony A Acquaintance of Oswald in Vol. VIII, p. 315.
Marine Corps.
Bouck, Robert Inman c Agent, U.S. Secret Service Vol. IV, p. 294.
Boudreaux, Anne D Acquaintance of Oswald dur- Vol. VIII, p. 35.
ing his youth.
Bouhe, George A.D Acquantance of the Oswalds Vol. VIII, p. 355.
in Texas.
Bowers, Lee E., Jr.D Employee, Union Terminal Co. Vol. VI, p. 284.
Bowron, Diana Hamilton D Nurse, Parkland Hospital Vol. VI, p. 134.
Boyd, Elmer L.D Member, Dallas Police De- Vol. VII, p. 119.
Branch, John Henry D Acquaintance of Jack Ruby Vol. XV, p. 473.
Brennan, Howard LeslieAC... Witness at assassination Vol. III, pp. 140,
scene. 184, 211
Vol. XI, p. 206.
Brewer, E. D.D Member, Dallas Police De- Vol. VI, p. 302.
Brewer, Johnny Calvin D Witness of Oswald arrest Vol. VII, p. 1.
Brian, V. J.C Member, Dallas Police De- Vol. V, p. 47
Bringuier, Carlos D Cuban attorney, now a resi- Vol. X, p. 32.
dent of New Orleans.
Brock, Alvin R.D Member, Dallas Police Department Vol. XII, p. 171.
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