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(CHAPTER VI - Investigation of Possible Conspiracy)

that suggestion, Ruby called Lawrence Meyers, a friend from Chicago with whom he had visited two nights previously.1025 Meyers testified that, during their telephone conversation, Ruby asked him what. he thought of this "terrible thing." Ruby then began to criticize his competitors, Abe and Barney Weinstein, for failing to close their clubs on Saturday night. In the course of his conversation about the Weinsteins and the assassination, Ruby said "I've got to do something about this." 1026 Meyers initially understood that remark to refer to the Weinsteins. Upon reflection after Oswald was shot, Meyers was uncertain whether Ruby was referring to his competitors, or to the assassination of President Kennedy; for Ruby had also spoken at length about Mrs. Kennedy and had repeated "those poor people, those poor people." 1027 At the conclusion of their conversation, Meyers declined Ruby's invitation to join him for a cup of coffee but invited Ruby to join him at the motel. When Ruby also declined, the two agreed to meet for dinner the following evening.1028

Meanwhile, Karen Carlin and her husband grew anxious over Ruby's failure to appear with the money they had requested.1029 After a substantial wait, they returned together to the Nichols Garage where Mr. Carlin telephoned to Ruby.1030 Carlin testified that he told Ruby they needed money in order to return to Fort Worth 1031 although Nancy Powell testified that she drove the Carlins home that evening.1032 Agreeing to advance a small sum, Ruby asked to speak to Mrs. Carlin, who claimed that Ruby told her that if she needed more money she should call him on Sunday.1033 Thereafter, at Ruby's request, garage attendant Huey Reeves gave Mrs. Carlin $5, and she signed with her stage name "Little Lynn" a receipt which Reeves time-stamped 10:33 p.m., November 23.1034 (See Commission Exhibit No. 1476, p. 351.)

Inconsistent testimony was developed regarding Ruby's activities during the next 45 minutes. Eva Grant testified that she did not see her brother on Saturday night after 8 p.m. and has denied calling Ralph Paul herself that night.1035 Nonetheless, telephone company records revealed that at 10:44 p.m. a call was made to Ralph Paul's Bull Pen Drive-In in Arlington, Tex., from Mrs. Grant's apartment.1036 It was the only call to Paul from her apartment on Friday or Saturday; 1037 she recalled her brother making such a call that weekend; 1038 and Ralph Paul has testified that Ruby telephoned him Saturday night from Eva Grant's apartment and said he and his sister were there crying.1039

Nineteen-year-old Wanda Helmick, a former waitress at the Bull Pen Drive-In, first reported in June, 1964 that some time during the evening she saw the cashier answer the Bull Pen's pay telephone and heard her call out to Paul, "It is for you. It is Jack." 1040 Mrs. Hel-mick claimed she overheard Paul, speaking on the telephone, mention something about a gun which, she understood from Paul's conversation, the caller had in his possession. She said she also heard Paul exclaim "Are you crazy?"" 1041 She provided no other details of the conversation. Mrs. Helmick claimed that on Sunday, November 24,

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