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(Testimony of Lawrence F. O'brien)

Mr. Adams.
We had coffee and received reports from time to time from General McHugh as to the length of time it would take for the trip from Bethesda to the White House. And the hours went on and on, until the early hours of the morning perhaps 4 a.m.
Mr. Adams.
And then what did you do?
Mr. O'BRIEN. We came to the White House, at which point several of the White House staff, Mr. Shriver, were awaiting the arrival of the President. He was placed in the East Room. A brief prayer was given, and terminated the evening.
Mr. Adams.
I would like to ask you to go back again and give me recollections of the President's views about the nature of the protection should be afforded him, or what his attitude was towards security.
Mr. O'BRIEN. I cannot recall any specific conversation I had with the in this area. All I can say is that the President at all times was most interested in close contact with his fellow Americans, and in that sense he was quick to move to a fence that separated him from the people, he was quick to move towards people. He certainly moved quite freely. But I do not recall ever having a conversation or being present during the course of a conversation when the specific protective measures were discussed or what his views were relative to them.
Mr. Adams.
Other than what you have said here, do you have any knowledge at all about the person who did the shooting, whoever it might be?
Mr. O'BRIEN. None whatsoever.
Mr. Adams.
Do you have any other thing I have not covered that you would like to put in this record?
Mr. O'BRIEN. I don't believe so. I believe that to the best of my recollection I have tried to carefully review all aspects of the matter, from departure from the lawn of the White House to arrival back at the White House. And I cannot call anything to mind now that I might have overlooked.
Mr. Adams.
Now, finally, it is a custom in this Commission to make transcripts available to the witnesses if they want to read them before signing them, or if you would like you can waive that. That is entirely up to you.
Mr. O'BRIEN. I would like to have the transcript.
Mr. Adams.
Then we will send it along in the next few days, and when you have an opportunity to consider it, if you will just send it back to the Commission we would appreciate it.
Mr. O'BRIEN. I certainly will.
Mr. Adams.
That closes this deposition.

David F. Powers

Affidavit of David F. Powers

The following affidavit was executed by David F. Powers on May 18, 1964.



I, David F. Powers, make the following affidavit concerning my knowledge of the events of November 21 and 22, 1963.
I traveled to Texas with the Presidential party on November 21, 1963, on AF-1. After a stop in Houston, we spent the night in Fort Worth, Texas. On the evening of November 21st, we were discussing the size of the crowd in the Rice University Stadium at Houston, and the President asked me how I thought it compared with the crowd the last time he was there. I said that the crowd was about the same as the one which came to see him before but there were 100,000 extra people on hand who came to see Mrs. Kennedy. President Kennedy then made a comment to Mrs. Kennedy to the effect that she was a great asset on the trip and that seemed to make her happy, although at that particular

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