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(Testimony of Lyndal L. Shaneyfelt)

Mr. Shaneyfelt.
Yes; the retouching along the touching around the right shoulder and around the head, the retouching around the top of the rifle above the left hand, the elimination of the shadow between the legs just below the breech of the trousers are the same in both reproductions.
Mr. Eisenberg.
Is there any notable difference between those reproductions; the Life and Journal-American reproductions?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
No; no notable difference in the retouching.
Mr. Eisenberg.
Do you have any opinion as to the source of the Journal- American photograph?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
Yes; it is not possible to positively state, but I note in examining the Journal-American reproduction, which is Exhibit-No. 7, that the face recognized as area in particular has a design in the light shadow areas which I being typical of a halftone reproduction made from another halftone reproduction. And because of the presence of this characteristic in the shadow area of the face, and the manner in which the photograph is cropped or trimmed, I am of the opinion that it is highly possible that the reproduction in the Journal-American, Exhibit No. 7, was made from a Life magazine cover, issue of February 21, 1964, containing the reproduction of the photograph of Oswald.
Mr. Eisenberg.
Could you elaborate on your statement that the cropping is a factor in leading to this conclusion?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
Yes; on Exhibit No. 2, which is the Life magazine cover, if a straight line is drawn vertically past the right edge of the Life sign on the front of the magazine, so that the sign is blocked out, and that straight line is continued through a shadow area comparable to the shadow in the reproduction of Exhibit No. 7, the Cropping along that edge of the photograph then becomes identical to the cropping on the Journal-American photograph. This would suggest that the picture was purposely cropped in that manner to eliminate the Life magazine printing in the upper left-hand corner of the magazine cover.
Mr. Eisenberg.
Does the Life magazine picture, and also the Journal-American picture, show cropping as against the original, that is, Exhibit No. 133-A?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
Yes. The Life magazine photograph does not show all of the photograph that appears on Commission Exhibit No. 133-A, the photograph having been cropped down closer to the head, cutting out some of the overhead area. There has also been considerable cropping on both the right and left margins, when you compare the Life magazine and Journal-American reproductions with Exhibit No. 133-A.
Mr. Eisenberg.
Is there any other feature on the Journal-American photograph which leads you to conclude that it was taken from the Life photograph?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
Yes; in the lower right-hand corner of the Life magazine cover, Exhibit No. 2, there is a strip set in, containing the printing "February 21, 1964, 25 cents." If the Journal-American did, in fact, reproduce this picture from a Life cover, it would have been necessary for them to retouch out this strip of printing in the lower right-hand corner of the Life magazine cover, and I find on examination of the reproduction on the Journal-American that there is retouching in this area. The background of the grass is inconsistent, in that 'it has been darkened around that area, and there is also darkening along the foot and leg, and the shadow area has been altered in between the two feet in a manner to strongly suggest that this strip has been retouched out in order to make the reproduction on the Journal-American, Exhibit No. 7.
Mr. Eisenberg.
Mr. Shaneyfelt, do you have anything to add to your testimony?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
I believe not.
Mr. Eisenberg.
Well, thank you very much then. That will be all.

James C. Cadigan

Testimony of James C. Cadigan

The testimony of James C. Cadigan was taken at 3:45 p.m., on April 30, 1964,
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