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(Testimony of Forrest V. Sorrels)

Mr. Sorrels.
there was no question, because I said, "Get out of here," meaning to move out, because certainly if there is anything going on like that, we don't want to even be stationary or near stationary--it is to get out of the vicinity as quickly as we can from the source of danger. I thought in my mind--my thought was that I should maybe get out to try to help apprehend who it was and so forth. There was no chance for that, because we were moving too fast.
Mr. Stern.
Now, as to the apparent source of these reports, did you feel that all three reports came from the same direction?
Mr. Sorrels.
Yes. Definitely so.
Mr. Stern.
And that direction, as nearly as you can place it, was what?
Mr. Sorrels.
To the right and back. That is about the only way I can express it.
And, as I said, the noise from the shots sounded like they may have come back up on the terrace there. And that is the reason I was looking around like that when the first shot. And I continued to look out until the other two shots. And then I turned on around and looked back to where the President's car was, and that is when I saw some movement there, and the car just seemed to leap forward.
Mr. Stern.
When you looked at the terrace to the right of Elm Street, did you observe any unusual movement?
Mr. Sorrels.
No; I didn't see anything unusual at that time.
Mr. Stern.
Were you looking at that terrace when either the second or third shot was fired?
Mr. Sorrels.
Yes; I was. And I saw just some movement of some people, but no firearms or anything like that, because we began to move out rather rapidly. And we were quite a ways down the street at that time.
Mr. Stern.
How do you mean movement of people?
Mr. Sorrels.
It seems I recall someone turned around and was going in the other direction, like moving away from the street. And that is all I can recall.
Mr. Stern.
But you didn't observe anything that led you to feel that the shots might have been fired from that terrace there?
Mr. Sorrels.
No, sir.
Mr. Stern.
It sounded to you at first as though it came from there?
Mr. Sorrels.
That is the way it sounded--back into the rear and to the right, back up in that direction. And in the direction, of course, of the building.
But the reports seemed to be so loud, that it sounded like to me in other words, that was my first thought, somebody up on the terrace, and that is the reason I looked there.
As we were approaching the overpass there, Mr. Lawson remarked that there was an officer on the overpass there. I saw a police officer standing there with two or three other persons over to his right.
Mr. Stern.
Where is this?
Mr. Sorrels.
On the overpass, on Elm Street, after we leave the corner of Elm and Houston.
There was no activity there. They were just standing there.
And I remarked, as I recall, "A policeman is there," or words to that effect, because Mr. Lawson had been checking, as well as myself, all of the overpasses, to see that the officer was there, because that is one of the specific things that was checked all the way through.
Mr. Stern.
And you observed nothing unusual on the overpass?
Mr. Sorrels.
No, sir.
Mr. Stern.
Were the people on the overpass in a fairly tight group, or spread out over the overpass?
Mr. Sorrels.
As I recall it, the police officer was about the center of the overpass on Elm Street, and then to his right--I mean to my right which would have been his left, there seemed to be, as I recall it, about three other persons up there that appeared to be workmen or dressed like that, and they were to his right.
They were not right close together, but standing within walking distance.
Mr. STERN. As far as you can recall, were all the people you saw on the overpass within the sight of the policeman on the overpass?
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