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(Testimony of Gregory Olds Lee)

Mr. Olds.
the matter of counsel was raised, I think, during that day. During the I suppose when Oswald was being transferred in the hall again, and---let's see this is when Mr. Nichols went down late this afternoon, I think around 5:30, and he reported after that that he had seen Oswald in respect to the same reasons that we had for going down there Saturday night, to see if he wanted some sort of legal representation, and to make sure whether or not he was denied---being denied it, and he said that he was satisfied that--in essence, Oswald told Nichols he was satisfied with the situation. I can detail this conversation if you would like, as it was told to me.
Mr. Stern.
Mr. Olds.
Well, that was the essence of what was found out.
Mr. Stern.
Was there any mention of the American Civil Liberties Union?
Mr. Olds.
Yes; it was at this time that we first heard the idea that Oswald might be a member of the American Civil Liberties Union, and this surprised us, because we felt we would have had a record of it in our files, but there is often a lapse of time when a member moves from one area to another and it takes some time to transfer him to the local affiliate. To make sure of this I called the national office in New York City, and it was night, of course there was no one there, but I finally got a number of one of the staff members and talked to him at his home in New Jersey and told him about it, and he said, he would check on the matter. Have somebody in New York, who lived near the office to go in and see about it, and he did and they found no such record at that time.
However, it was later discovered that on November 4, he had sent a check for $2 to the office, which was, I believe, discovered 3 weeks later.
Mr. Stern.
Mr. Olds, I think that covers the matters that I am interested in. Is there anything further that you would like to tell us? Anything that you----
Mr. Olds.
Possibly later after this matter was disposed of, we became interested in the legal status of Oswald's wife, Marina, and a story in the New York Times, I believe December 19, said something to the effect that perhaps she was being held incommunicado and in some way illegally detained. Anyway, her status was not clear as far as the reporter was concerned, and our national office in New York City got a number of inquiries both by phone and personal calls and letters, telegrams, and they asked us in turn then, to see what we could find out about it. After a certain amount of negotiations with the Secret Service and FBI and so on, we sent a letter to Mrs. Oswald and she later wrote us that 'she was content with her situation, and was very happy with her status, in fact, it was for her interest.
Mr. Stern.
Well, thank you very much, Mr. Olds for coming in today.
The reporter will transcribe your testimony and you will then be notified when it is available and afforded an opportunity to read it and sign it. If you would like to waive that that is possible and the reporter would send the transcript directly to the Commission.
Mr. Olds.
I will be glad to sign it. Do you want me to come down here and do that?
Mr. Stern.
Mr. Olds.
When do you think it might be?
Mr. Stern.
It should be within the next week or so.
Mr. Olds.
All right, fine.
Mr. Stern.
Thank you very much.

H. Louis Nichols

Testimony of H. Louis Nichols

The testimony of H. Louis-Nichols was taken at 9:30 a.m., on April 8, 1964, in the office of the U.S. attorney, 301 Post Office Building, Bryan and Ervay Streets, Dallas, Tex., by Mr. Samuel A. Stern, assistant counsel of the President's Commission.
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