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(Testimony of Dr. Kenneth Everett Salyer)

Dr. Martin G. White

Testimony of Dr. G. White Martin

The testimony of Dr. Martin G. White was taken at 6:35 p.m., on March 25, 1964, at Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Tex.. by Mr. Arlen Specter assistant counsel of the President's Commission.
Mr. SPECTER. May the record show that Dr. Martin White is present in response to a request that be appear to have his deposition taken because he has been identified in prior depositions as being one of the doctors in attendance on President Kennedy.
Dr. White, have you had an opportunity to examine the Executive order creating the Presidential Commission?
Dr. WHITE. Yes.
Mr. Specter.
And have you had an opportunity to examine the resolution setting forth the rules for taking depositions?
Dr. WHITE Yes.

Mr. SPECTER. Are you willing to have your deposition taken without the 3-day notice to which you have a right under the rules, if you wish to receive formal written notice? And have three days after mailing before you appear to have your deposition taken?
Dr. WHITE. No, I want to have it taken now.
Mr. Specter.
You are willing to waive that requirement?
Dr. WHITE. Yes.
Mr. Specter.
Will you stand up, then, and raise your right hand ?

Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you give before the President's Commission in this deposition proceeding will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Dr. WHITE. I do.
Mr. Specter.
Would you state your full name for the record, please?
Dr. WHITE.. Martin G. White.
Mr. Specter.
What is your profession, sir?
Dr. WHITE. M.D.--physician.
Mr. Specter.
Are you duly licensed in the State of Texas to practice medicine?
Dr. WHITE. In this institution.
Mr. Specter.
What is your educational background, please?

Dr. WHITE. I have a bachelor of medicine degree from Northwestern University and a master of science degree from Northwestern University and a doctor of medicine degree from Northwestern University.
Mr. Specter.
How old are you, Doctor?
Dr. WHITE. Twenty-five.
Mr. Specter.
Were you in attendance when President Kennedy was being treated on November 22, 1963?
Dr. WHITE. I was.

Mr. SPECTER. And what were the circumstances of your being called into the case?
Dr. WHITE. I was the intern assigned to the surgery section of the emergency room on that day and was there when the President's body was brought into the emergency room.
Mr. SPECTER. And what did you do in connection with the President's treatment?
Dr. WHITE. I put an intervenous cutdown in the President's right foot.
Mr. Specter.
Did you have an opportunity to observe any of his wounds?

Dr. WHITE. I saw the wound in his head as he was brought into the trauma room where he was treated.
Mr. Specter.
Did you observe any other wounds?
Dr. WHITE. No, I did not see any other.
Mr. Specter.
Did you observe specifically a wound in the neck?
Dr. WHITE. I did not look and did not observe any.

Mr.-SPECTER. How long were you present while the President was being treated?
Dr. WHITE. I would estimate about 10 to 15 minutes.
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