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(Testimony of Dr. Fouad A. Bashour)

massive, the blood was dripping from the head, and at that time the President had an endotracheal tube, and his pupils were dilated, his eyes were staring, and they were not reactive, there was no pulsations, his heart sounds were not present, and his extremities were cold.
Then, we attached the scope--the cardioscope and there was a flip, this was probably artificial. Upon stopping the cardiac machine, there was no cardiac activity. That means the heart was standing still. We continued cardiac massage and still there was no cardiac activities, so the President was declared dead shortly thereafter.

Mr. Specter.
At approximately what time was he declared dead?
Dr. BASHOUR. Well, according to my notes, we said here, "Declared dead about 12:55," or so.
Mr. SPECTER. Was that a precise time fixed or was that just a general approximation ?
Dr. BASHOUR. No, sir; approximation.
Mr. SPECTER. When you refer to the "flip" what do you mean by that, Dr. Bashour?
Dr. BASHOUR. On the scope some change in the baseline of the scope.
Mr. Specter.
Did that indicate some activity in the President's heart?
Dr. BASHOUR. No sir; not necessarily.
Mr. Specter.
What else could have accounted for the flip besides that?
Dr. BASHOUR. Anything extraneous could have accounted for that.

Mr. SPECTER. So, you require a number of flips before you inquire if there is heart activity?
Dr. BASHOUR. Well, it depends on the configuration of the flip--if the flip resembles an electrocardiogram activity--it shows cardiac activity.
Mr. Specter.
Was that configuration of the flip like heart activity or not?
Dr. BASHOUR. It wasn't, as far as I know.
Mr. Specter.
That is your field, is it not, you read those flips ?
Dr. BASHOUR. Well, it's my field to see the electrocardiograms; yes.

Mr. SPECTER. And, in your professional opinion, the flip which you saw was not a conclusive indicator of heart activity?
Dr. BASHOUR. As a matter of fact, when he removed his hand, there was nothing.
Mr. Specter.
And who is "he"?
Dr. BASHOUR. Dr. Clark, who was doing the cardiac massage.

Mr. SPECTER. What else was done to the President, if anything, in addition to those things you have already mentioned after you arrived on the scene?
Dr. BASHOUR. Really, as far as I know, it was the end of the scene--nothing was done afterward.
Mr. SPECTER. Did you observe any wound besides the head wound which you have just described ?
Dr. BASHOUR. No; I did not observe any wounds.
Mr. SPECTER. What was the condition of the front part of the President's neck upon your arrival?
Dr. BASHOUR. The only thing--it was covered with the endotracheal tube---I did not really pay attention to it.
Mr. SPECTER. Did you have an opportunity to see the neck wound before the tracheotomy was performed?
Dr. BASHOUR. No; I came after everything was done to him.
Mr. SPECTER. Doctor, I show you a group of papers heretofore marked as "Commission Exhibit No. 392," and I call your attention to the photostatic copy of a sheet which purports to be a report made by you on November 22, 1963, at 4:45 p.m., is that your report?
Mr. Specter.
And is that in fact your signature?
Mr. Specter.
And are the facts set forth therein the essence of what you observed and what you know about this matter?

Mr. SPECTER. Have you talked to anyone from the Federal Government prior to today about your treatment of President Kennedy ?
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