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(Testimony of Dr. Don Teel Curtis)

Mr. Specter.
there, and then I recall Dr. Jenkins from the Anesthesia Department, and Dr. Seldin, Dr. Crenshaw, and that's about all the doctors--I could think of others probably, but I can't remember now.
Mr. Specter.
Can you identify any other nurses who were there?
Dr. CURTIS. No; I can't--I wasn't paying attention to the nurses.

Mr. SPECTER. During the course of your presence near President Kennedy, did you have any opportunity to observe any wounds on his body?
Dr. CURTIS. After I had completed the cutdown, I went around to the right side of the patient and saw the head wound.
Mr. Specter.
And what did you observe there?

Dr. CURTIS. Oh--fragments of bone and a gross injury to the cranial contents, with copious amounts of hemorrhage.
Mr. Specter.
Did you observe any other wound on the President ?
Dr. CURTIS. No; I didn't. As I said before, I noticed the mass in the pretracheal area.
Mr. Specter.
And when you say "as you said before," you mean in our previous discussions prior to going on the record here?
Dr. CURTIS. Yes.

Mr. SPECTER. And will you state now for the record what you did notice with respect to the tracheal area ?
Dr. CURTIS. The President's head was extended or hyperextended and I noticed that in the superasternal notch there was a mass that looked like a hematoma to me, or a blood clot in the tissues.
Mr. Specter.
How big was that hematoma?
Dr. CURTIS. Oh, I think it was 5 cm. in size.
Mr. Specter.
What color was it?
Dr. CURTIS. It had no color--there was just skin overlying it.
Mr. Specter.
What did it appear to be?
Dr. CURTIS. Probably a hematoma.

Mr. SPECTER. Did you observe any perforation or hole in the President's throat?
Dr. CURTIS. No; I didn't. But that doesn't mean it wasn't there.
Mr. Specter.
Did you have an opportunity to look closely for it?
Dr. CURTIS. I focused my attention on his neck for an instant, and that's all.

Mr. SPECTER. Did you hear any discussion among any of the doctors about an opening on his neck ?
Dr. CURTIS. No; I didn't.
Mr. SPECTER. Did you make any written report concerning your activity on the President?
Dr. CURTIS. No; I didn't.
Mr. Specter.
Have you any notes or writings of any sort concerning your work with the President?
Mr. Specter.
Have you talked to any representatives of the Federal Government about your participation in treating President Kennedy before today?
Dr. CURTIS. No; I haven't.

Mr. SPECTER. Prior to the time that we went on the record here with the court reporter, did you and I have a very brief conversation concerning the purpose of the deposition and the general questions which I would ask you on the record?
Dr. CURTIS. Yes.
Mr. SPECTER. And is the information which you have provided on the record the same as that which you gave me before the court reporter started taking notes ?
Dr. CURTIS. Yes.
Mr. SPECTER Do you have anything to add which you think would be helpful to the Commission in its work?
Dr. CURTIS. No; I don't think so.'
Mr. Specter.
Thank you very much, Dr. Curtis, for coming here today.
Dr. CURTIS. All right
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