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(Testimony of Dr. Marion Thomas Jenkins)

Mr. Specter.
the throat, would the throat wound which you observed be consistent with such a wound inflicted in the manner I have just described?
Dr. JENKINS. As far as I know, it wouldn't be inconsistent with it, Mr. Specter.
Mr. Specter.
What has your experience been with gunshot wounds, that is, to what extent have you had experience with such wounds?

Dr. JENKINS. Well, having been Chief of the Anesthesia Service here for this 16 years, we have a rather large trauma emergency service, and so I see gunshot wounds many times a week. I'm afraid I couldn't hazard a guess at the moment as to how many we see a year, and I'm afraid probably if I knew, I would not like to admit to this number, but I do go further in saying that my main interest is not in the tracks of the wounds. My main interest is what physiological changes that they have caused to the patient that I am to anesthetize or a member of the department is to anesthetize, what has happened to the cardiovascular system, respiratory, and neurological, and so I am aware of the wounds of entrance and exit only by a peripheral part of my knowledge and activities during the time.
Mr. Specter.
Have you ever had any formal training in ballistics or in exit wounds or entrance wounds--bullet wounds?
Dr. JENKINS. No, I have not.
Mr. SPECTER. Have you talked to any representative of the Federal Government at any time prior to today?
Mr. JENKINS. Oh, there was a man whose name I don't remember now, who showed what looked like the proper credentials from the FBI, who came to ask only whether the report I had submitted to Mr. Price for the hospital record or for Mr. Price's record constituted all the reports I had. That's the only time and that was the extent of our conversation, I think.
Mr. Specter.
And is that the only written record you have of your participation in the treatment of the President?
Dr. JENKINS. Oh, I submitted one to the Dean of the Medical School, essentially the same, and a very little more. I don't think you have that. I don't know whether you want it or not.

Mr. SPECTER. Yes, I would like to see it.
Dr. JENKINS. It is essentially the same report--however---can I ask you something off of the record here?
Mr. Specter.
(Discussion between Counsel Specter and the witness, Dr. Jenkins, off the record.)
Mr. Specter.
The record will show that we have been off the record on a couple of matters which I am going to now put on the record, but I will ask the court reporter to identify this as Dr. Jenkins' Exhibit No. 36.
(Instrument referred to marked by the Reporter as Dr. Jenkins' Exhibit No. 36, for identification.)
Mr. Specter.
I will ask you, Dr. Jenkins, for the record to identify this as a report which you submitted to Dean Gill.
Dr. JENKINS. Yes, it is.
Mr. Specter.
And is this in conjunction with the report you submitted to Mr. Price--do these reports constitute all the writings you have on your participation in the treatment of President Kennedy?
Dr. JENKINS. Yes; that's right.
Mr. Specter.
One of the comments we were just discussing off the record---I would like to put on the record, Dr. Jenkins, is the question as to whether or not the wound in the neck would have been fatal in your opinion, absent the head wound. What would your view of that be?
Mr. Jenkins.
Well, from my knowledge of the wound in the neck, this would not have been fatal, except for one thing, and that is--you have not told me whether the wound with its point of entrance and point of exit had contacted the vertebral column in its course?
Mr. Specter.
It did not.
Dr. JENKINS. In that case I would not expect this wound to have been fatal.
Mr. Specter.
What is your view, Dr. Jenkins, as to whether the wounds which you observed were caused by one or two bullets?
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