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(Testimony of Dr. Charles J. Carrico)

Mr. Specter.
Mr. Specter.
In which President Kennedy was involved?

Dr. CARRICO. At that time I was in the emergency room seeing these patients and the call was received that the President had been shot and was on his way to the hospital.
Mr. SPECTER. What is your best recollection as to what time it was when you received that call ?
Dr. CARRICO. This was probably shortly after 12:30.
Mr. SPECTER. And how long after that call was received did the President's party actually arrive at Parkland ?
Dr. CARRICO. An estimation would be 2 minutes or less.
Mr. SPECTER. Describe what occurred upon the arrival of the President's party at Parkland, please.
Dr. CARRICO. We were in the emergency room preparing equipment in response to the call we had received when the nurse said over the intercom that they were here. Governor Connally was rolled in first and was taken to one of the trauma rooms.
Mr. SPECTER And what identification was given to the trauma room to which Governor Connally was taken?
Dr. CARRICO. Trauma room 2.
Mr. SPECTER. Who was present at the time that Governor Connally came into the emergency area ?
Dr. CARRICO. As I recall, Dr. Richard Dulany, myself, several of the nurses, Miss Bowron is the only one I can definitely remember. Don Curtis, oral surgery resident, and I believe Martin White, the intern, was there. These are the only people I remember being present at that time. We had already sent out a call for Dr. Baxter and Dr. Perry and the rest of the staff.
Mr. SPECTER. Did, Dr. Dulany take any part in the treatment of President Kennedy ?
Dr. CARRICO. No, no, sir; he didn't.
Mr. SPECTER. Did Dr. Martin White take any part in the treatment of President Kennedy?
Dr. CARRICO. I believe he was in there and did the -he helped Dr. Curtis with the cutdown, the initial cutdown.
Mr. Specter.
What did Dr. Dulany do ?
Dr. CARRICO. Dr. Dulany and I initially went to see the Governor, as I said, and he stayed with the Governor while I went to attend to the President, care for the President.
Mr. Specter.
Who was the first doctor to reach President Kennedy on his

arrival at Parkland Hospital?
Dr. CARRICO. I was.
Mr. SPECTER. And who else was with President Kennedy on his arrival, as best you can recollect it?
Dr. CARRICO. Mrs. Kennedy was there, .and there were some men in the room, who I assumed were Secret Service men; I don't know.
Mr. SPECTER. Can you identify any nurses who were present, in addition to Miss Bowron?
Dr. CARRICO. No, I don't recall any of them.
Mr. SPECTER. What did you observe as to the President's condition upon his arrival ?
Dr. CARRICO. He was lying on a carriage, his respirations were slow, spasmodic, described as agonal.
Mr. SPECTER. What do you mean by "agonal" if I may interrupt you for just a moment there, Doctor?
Dr. CARRICO. These are respirations seen in one who has lost the normal coordinated central control of respiration. These are spasmodic and usually reflect a terminal patient.
Mr. SPECTER. Would you continue to describe your observations of the President?
Dr. CARRICO. His-- the President's color--I don't believe I said--he was an
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