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(Testimony of Malcolm O. Couch)

Mr. Belin.
Down Elm Street as it goes into the expressway there?
Mr. Couch.
That's right.
Mr. Belin.
And when you say "45° angle" would that be up or down, or are you referring to the angle of incline, or the angle of west and south?
Mr. Couch.
The angle of incline---from a horizontal position.
Mr. Belin.
All right, So, you would estimate about a 45° angle downward pointing in what would be a southwesterly direction?

Mr. COUCH. Uh--westerly direction. From looking straight on at the building, one could not tell the---uh---angle, whether it was more southward or not. In other words, something sticking out the building, I couldn't tell. It was not---it did not appear to me that it was sticking straight out the window, so to speak.

Testimony of Tom C. Dillard

Mr. Belin.
Yes Is there anything else that you noticed about the gun?
Mr, COUCH. No.
Mr. BELIN, All right. Thank you, I just wanted to make sure I got that on the record.
Tom C. Dillard
Mr. Belin.
The testimony of Tom C. Dillard was taken at 9:15 a.m., on April 1, 1964, in the office of the U.S. attorney, 301 Post Office Building, Bryan and Ervay Streets, Dallas, Tex., by Mr. Joseph A. Ball, assistant counsel of the President's Commission.
Mr. Ball.
State your name.
Mr. Dillard.
Tom C. Dillard.
Mr. Ball.
Will you stand and raise your right hand, please?
Mr. Dillard.
Mr. Ball.
Do you solemnly swear the testimony given before this Commission will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Mr. Dillard.
I do.
Mr. BALL. My name is Joseph A. Ball. I am staff counsel for the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy. You have already been requested to be present have you not
Mr. Dillard.
By letter; yes.
Mr. Ball.
By letter which you received last week?
Mr. Dillard.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Ball.
What is your occupation?
Mr. Dillard.
I am a photographer.
Mr. BALL. I might state the purpose of questioning you is to ask you questions as to any knowledge you might have as to the facts concerning the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, at Dallas, Tex.
Mr. DILLARD. I understand. My occupation is journalist; I am chief photographer of the Dallas Morning News, do some aviation writing but my primary job is head of the photographic department and, of course, I do outside work for the paper on photographic work.
Mr. Ball.
How old are you?
Mr. Dillard.
I'm 49.
Mr. Ball.
What has been your general education?
Mr. Dillard.
High school, very few college courses.
Mr. Ball.
Mr. Dillard.
. High school and very few college courses.
Mr. Ball.
. Where did you go to school?

Mr. DILLARD. I didn't go to school. I graduated Fort Worth, from the old Central High School, went to the Officer Candidate School in the Military and Air University.
Mr. Ball.
How long have you been with the paper?
Mr. DILLARD. The Dallas News since 1947 and I was with the Star Telegram, went to work in 1929.
Mr. Ball.
Have you been a photographer for the papers all these years?
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