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(Testimony of R. J. Jimison)

Mr. Specter.
Do you have anything to add, that you think might be helpful to us?
Mr. JIMISON. Well, no, because the fact is--because that's pretty well covered---just, I actually want to give facts about something I know something about, and during the time I know something about, and what actually happened from the time I got off---I couldn't tell you, but I do know there wasn't no carriage from the time that carriage was picked up until I got off from duty.
This ain't actually-not in it, but due to this---this is---what I'm fixing to say is off of the book---I couldn't see after President Kennedy because I didn't---I never did get up to the floor---so I didn't see him. I am glad if was any kind of help, Mr. Specter.
Mr. SPECTER. You have been, Mr. Jimison, and we appreciate your coming in and helping us a lot.
Mr. Jimison.
Same back to you.
Mr. Specter.
Thank you.

Darrell C. Tomlinson

Testimony of Darrell C. Tomlinson

The testimony of Darrell C. Tomlinson was taken on March 20, 1964, at Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, Tex., by Mr. Arlen Specter, assistant counsel of the President's Commission.
Mr. SPECTER. Mr. Tomlinson, this is Miss Oliver, and she is the court reporter. Will you stand up and hold up your right hand and take the oath, please ?
Do you solemnly swear that in the taking of your deposition in these proceedings, you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Mr. Tomlinson.
I do.
Mr. Specter.
Would you state your full name, for the record?
Mr. Tomlinson.
Darrell Carlisle Tomlinson.
Mr. SPECTER. Mr. Tomlinson, the purpose of this deposition proceeding is to take your deposition in connection with an inquiry made by the President's Commission in connection with the Assassination of President Kennedy to determine from you all the facts, if any, which you know concerning the events surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy and any treatment which was given at Parkland Memorial Hospital to either President Kennedy or Governor Connally, or anything that happened to any physical objects connected with either one of those men.
First of all, did you receive a letter advising you that the Commission was interested in having one of its staff lawyers take your deposition concerning this matter?
Mr. Tomlinson.
Mr. Specter.
And did that letter include in it a copy of the Executive order creating the Commission?
Mr. Tomlinson.
Mr. Specter.
And a copy of the congressional resolution concerning the creation of the President's Commission?
Mr. Tomlinson.
Mr. Specter.
And a copy of the resolution governing questioning of witnesses by members of the Commission's staff?

Mr. Specter.
And are you willing today for me to ask you some questions about what you observed or know about this matter?
Mr. Tomlinson.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Specter.
And it is satisfactory with you to proceed today rather than to have 3 days from the time you got the letter, which was yesterday?
Mr. Tomlinson.
It's immaterial.
Mr. Specter.
It's immaterial to you?
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